Have some Hope

I was broken. I was alone in this harsh world. That was until Luke came into my life... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hope Louis was raised in a catholic orphanage with very little. By the time she was seventeen she was moved out with another family. She hasn't seen the home sense the adoption.


3. W-What?

Ashton's POV

I smiled at the small pink box in my hand. It was Onica's present for her eighteenth. It was a small blue and pink dress with a strap thing that gose around the back with a black belt.

Were going on tour and today was our last day for practice and just being home again with my family. By family I mean I won't be seeing Mom, Harry, or Laura. Onica is going with us for the time being. She needs to get out and see more of the world and not stay in her room and cry like usually.  

Veronica had over Jessie( the hot one), Payton( the weird one, why is she weird? Well she took my phone and took odd pictures and said that she left me a gift)  and someone else I didn't know. I walked into the basement that scares the shirt out of the girls for some weird reason and saw Michael on the crappy tan couch with Calum on my sisters Instagram and Luke leaning on the door like he was a kid from the breakfast club. He looked deep in thought about something. Wonder what. I was about to ask when Caulm said, "Look what you sister just posted. Why can't we party with them!" He whined at me. I smirked an I took the phone from Michael and it was her and Jessie Sophie(the girl I didn't know) and Payton in their shorts and bikini tops only holding beer cans with sun glasses in our back yard next to the pool. Veronica looked like she was having fun at least. She never does after what my mom told me. 

"So Veronica is coming on tour with us?" Luke asked me. I looked up an handed the phone back to the boys and looked to Luke. "Yea, it'd be a good thing for her to just get out there and see the world." They all agreed with us and the door opened. We looked over and saw Veronica and Payton with Sophie. They had beer in their hands and they were trying to sneak out. "Lets go!" Slurred my sister. They were giggling very loudly. "Their drunk." Luke stated like it wasn't obvious. Veronica fell from the little step of stairs and I caught her before she fell on her face. She smiled up at me and then blacked out. 

Luke's POV

I looked at Veronica and smiled. Even though she's waisted, she's cute. Her blond hair was in cute curls and her make up was dark, maybe purple? 

I looked Ashton and he was looking at the girls. "I'll get Jessie." Calum said before getting up and picking her up. "I got Sophie." Michael went and picked up Sophie and I picked up Veronica. I looked back at Ashton nd he looked very tired from eariler. "Go to bed Ash." He looked down at Veronica and kissed her head before he walked over to the very uncomfortable couch and face flopped. "Night." I held Veronica by her smooth tan legs and back then walked out. "Thank you Luke." Mrs. Irwin said to me as she was washing dishes. I nodded and walked up the stairs and to her room.

"Good night Onica." I said and started to walk away. I felt her grab my hand and pull me. "Luke, will you stay with me?" She asked. I looked out the door to see if Ashton was there. "Yea." I took off my vans and climbed in her bed. "Thank you Luke." I hugged her and kissed her head. She lied on my side and I flung my arm around her. "I love you Luke." I smiled and leaned back. Jessie got up and got on the bed. "Hi." She said with a small smile. "Hey." I whisoered. "I'm not wasted you know. I nodded. "I know." She nodded and Sophie came in with a small smile in her face. "Your cute together." She whispered and walked to her side window seat. I looked down on Veronica. Yea, she's sweet but we would never work.


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