Have some Hope

I was broken. I was alone in this harsh world. That was until Luke came into my life... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hope Louis was raised in a catholic orphanage with very little. By the time she was seventeen she was moved out with another family. She hasn't seen the home sense the adoption.


4. Tour Bus drama

I woke up on the five seconds of summer tour bus and yawned. I don't reamember much from last night. I know I was waisted though because I had a huge hang over. "Hey Onica." Ashton greeted. I winced at how loud his voice boomed. "Ash please be quite." I said and made a face of pain. He laughed at it.

He handed me a cup of coffee and walked back to his bunk. I looked down to what I was wearing and I was in the same cloths as yesterday. My cropped tank-top with waist shorts. 
Ashton walked over to me and gave me a white tank-top that covered my stomach and ripped pants. "I want my crop top." I mumbled. "Nope, now that your not with mom you cant wear that. Wanna know why?" I nodded and sipped my coffee. "Your eighteen now, which means that if any of the guys wanna kiss you or touch you they can." My mouth dropped. "Ashton!? Their your best friends! They would never do that to you!" I screamed. "Whats going on?" Calum asked. "Calum, Michael, Luke! Would you ever touch me in not a loving way!?" I asked. They all shook their heads. "See! They would never do that." I said and walked over to my bag. I pulled off my shirt and put on my cropped tank-top and changed my pants to white shorts. "You just changed in front of them." Ashton said. I shrugged. 

After our little fight I stepped off the bus with Luke to go pick up food. "So... Your eighteen." I nodded. We walked into a gutter and I jumped as the dampness hit my shoes. Luke lifted me over the gutter and set me on the sidewalk. "Thanks." I said to him. He nodded and walked over to the shop. "So I have a question for you." I held up my hand to look at the cute casheir. "Hey can I get a large thing of chocolate dounots?" I asked the cute blond boy, giving him a wink. He smirked and walked to the back. I looked back at the tall boy. "Sorry what?" He was throwing glares at the back of the cute guys head. "Luke?" I asked. He snapped out of it and shook his head. "Never mind." I nodded and the boy came back with my box. "That will be 12.22." I pulled out my cash and he smiled. "Thanks babe." I put my glasses on.

We got back to the buss and I sat on my couch(I say my couch because I don't have a bunk yet.) Ashton was in the back practicing Calum went out for a bit with Michael and Luke was on his bunk. I got up and walked up to go to the kitchen. I reached up to get a glass and couldn't get it. "LUKE!" I yelled. He walked out of the bunking room and leaned on the door way. "What?" He asked me in a quit rude tone. "I can't reach the glass." He walked over and reached up before slamming it on the counter. He started to walk back. "What is your fucking problem!?" I yelled at him. "You!" I stepped back and looked at the window, seeing it was raining. "Whats you problem with me Luke!" I asked crossing my arms over my chest. "You flirted with the young cashier, you give me a lot of 'special attention' along with Michael and Calum! I mean god your a slut!" He said. His blue eyes widened and I looked down. Tears started to slip from my eyes and I walked to my bag to get a hoodie. I grabbed my green hood and zipped it on. "T-Thanks." I cried and walked out of the trailer.

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