Have some Hope

I was broken. I was alone in this harsh world. That was until Luke came into my life... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hope Louis was raised in a catholic orphanage with very little. By the time she was seventeen she was moved out with another family. She hasn't seen the home sense the adoption.


12. that time a-month

I had the growing pain in my stomach that felt like captain America and Iron man were punching my pelvic area.

I cried in pain till I fell on the couch. Ash walked up to me with an odd look on his face. "What?" I snapped at him in a angry set tone. "Are you okay?" I shook my head and held my stomach. "Oh..." He heldis hands behind him and walked over to the sink to grab water. "There's nothing I can do about that." I groaned. "I'll be in my bunk." I waved him.

I lied face down on the couch, Luke went out last night and hasn't come back. I'm worried. I looked over to my phone an picked it up, going to Luke's contact and called him.

"Hello?" A man with a very low voice answered. "Hello, is Luke there?" I asked timidly. "He's in the recording studio." I sighed in relief. "Well can you tell him to bring home some aspirin and muffins?" I asked into the phone. "Yes." I hung up and slammed my head on the couch rest.

Record guy's POV

I hung up the phone an tapped on the glass in front of me. "Luke, Veronica, she called and asked if you could get aspirin an muffins on your way home." He gave me a thumbs up and went back to playing with his guitar. He was writing a song for this girl that just called to tell her how much he loved her.

Luke's POV

I pucked the A cord and continued to play. I couldn't think of lyrics yet. I looked over to the guy and he was grabbing his coat. "Get going kid." I nodded and put up the guitar and walked over to the coat rack and got my things.

I went inside to see Veronica fast asleep. "Hey." Ashton said in a low, mean type of tone. I looked at him with my head turned to the side. "What?" I asked him. "You were gone for the entire night, she thought you left her." I looked at him disbelief. "I would never." I said in a harsh tone. "Well she's asleep now, I got her what she needed so don't bother." I nodded and walked over to the blond that slept on the blue couch. "Hey baby. I never left, I promise I wont" I walked over to my bunk in the other room and fell asleep...


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