Have some Hope

I was broken. I was alone in this harsh world. That was until Luke came into my life...
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hope Louis was raised in a catholic orphanage with very little. By the time she was seventeen she was moved out with another family. She hasn't seen the home sense the adoption.


9. Not in front of me please

I woke up on a soft bed with a arm thrown around me. I looked and saw Ash. I smiled and sat up carefully, trying not to wake him. 
I walked out to the living area of the bus. We were back on the road now and it was nice. Sight seeing. I've never been out side of home really.
I saw Calum sitting on the window seat with a tub of cookies. "Hey." I whispered to him. Everyone was still sleeping right now. "Morning." He held up the box and I shook my head. "I'm fine." He nodded and I sat with him. "Ash told me about you and Luke." I smiled. "Its a little awkward." I shrugged. I guess for him it is. 

I walked around the buss a bit while some of the boys went out for a coffee or something. "Hey Veronica!" "Hy Luke?" I yelled in a mocking tone. "C-Can you help me with something!?" He yelled in a needy way. Wow. 
I walked to the back of the bunks.
I heard little whines from the back and I rolled my eyes. "So, hi." I said, trying to hide the laughter in my voice. "I know your trying not to laugh." I started to laugh and he shot his head up. "I really do need your help Veronica!" He grunted. "Seem's like you got this." I said and walked over to the bunk and sat on him. "You can stop." I said. He stopped and I started to grind. "V-Veronica." He stuttered. I smirked and then the bus door opened and closed. I got up and he held my hips. "Just go lock the slider." 

I did as told and sat back down. "Take off your shirt." I shook my head. "Nope, my brothers home." He groaned and slammed his back on the bed. 
There was a slight knock on the door and I looked up. "Veronica, Jessie is on the phone with Payton and Sophie." I jumped off Luke an ran to the door. "Babe." He whined. I sighed and walked over to him. I sat on his lap and bounced really hard and he let out a loud moan. He came I'm pretty sure. 

I ran to the phone and as I answered it they all screamed. "How is everything?! We miss you!" I laughed they were the best people ever. "I miss you guys to! Its only six more months so your good! So what been going on?"

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