Have some Hope

I was broken. I was alone in this harsh world. That was until Luke came into my life... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hope Louis was raised in a catholic orphanage with very little. By the time she was seventeen she was moved out with another family. She hasn't seen the home sense the adoption.


7. Looks

My body was lifted and sat on something else. "Morning beautiful." I heard. My eyes flickered open and Luke was holding me. His hair was pushed to his side and he had his morning voice: nice, wraspy look. "Morning." I said and snuggled up to him. "What time is it?" I felt him move and he picked up, I assume a phone or a clock. "Its seven." I groaned. "Why did you wake me up?" I asked him and sat up. "The boys and I have to leave in a bit so I wanted to say hello before I left." I nodded. "So whats your plans for the day?" He asked me. "Sit in my PJ's all day and watch camp rock, breakfast club and pretty in pink." He chuckled and nodded. "I'm going to grab a shower okay." I nodded and he got up, kissing my head. 
I sat up, fixing my hair. I walked to the kitchen and shrieked when my bare feet touched the little bit of tile floor we had on the bus. I got a cup of coffee an drank it slowly. I heard the shower turn off and Luke was singing Heart Break Girl. 

After the boys left and Luke gave me a flirty look. I walked back to the couch and I got out my movies. 

The boys still weren't home and so I got dressed and walked out of the bus, leaving a note for the boys. 
I walked down the streets, taking my sweet time an saw that the clouds were getting gray, indicating it was going to rain. I smiled and took off my hood. I walked down the street and saw a cute little cafe, it had brown walls and black carpet with small chairs around a dimand shaped table. The sweet smell of coffee flooded my nose and I walked to the counter. "Can I please get a berry smoothie with every fruit you have?" The small blond nodded and walked away. I waited at the counter for my drink and she came back with my colorful drink. I paid her the small amount of money it cost. 

I walked back to the bus and I stepped in. I pulled off my hood an smiled to all the boys who were now cleaning up the living room. "Hey guys." I said to them. "Hey." They all said together. "Its raining so much!" I said an shrugged off my jacket. "So, what'd you get?" I held up my drink and shrugged. "Don't know." I sipped it. I walked up to the kitchen an got a glass. "So, do you guys wanna watch a movie with me today?" I asked. "We have a radio interview, Luke's not feeling good, so he will be here, that okay?" I nodded and drank my berry thing. "Cool, were gonna get our stuff an leave." I gave them a thumb's off and walked to the back of the bunks.

I saw Luke laying on his back with a towel over his face. "You okay?" I asked him. "Yea I think, just not feeling great." I nodded. "You wanna come watch a movie with me?" I asked him. He nodded and sat up slowly. "You sure your okay?" He nodded and I walked to the living room part of the bus and jumped on the couch. 

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