Have some Hope

I was broken. I was alone in this harsh world. That was until Luke came into my life...
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hope Louis was raised in a catholic orphanage with very little. By the time she was seventeen she was moved out with another family. She hasn't seen the home sense the adoption.


1. What happened that day

"Veronica!" Sister Cassandra called for me. I raced from my room and to her. "Yes sister?" I asked shyly to the tall older woman. "This is Anne Marie Irwin and her son Ashton." I smiled to them. "Hello." Said the tall lady with blond hair. "Hi." Sister Cassandra pulled me over to the small cold office on the side and sat me down. "Yes?" "Mrs. Irwin wants to adopted you." I smiled brightly and jumped up. "Just sign this and your free to leave." I took the paper in a hurry and sign it with a big huge smile on my face. "Have fun Veronica." I hugged her as the smell of berry's filled my nose. 

We arrived to good sized house. "Hope this is you room." Said Mrs. Irwin. "Thank you." I said quietly. "How'd you get the name Veronica?" Ashton had asked me. "When I was born I was just called Hollie because that was what they just thought of at the time, when I was two they played the song You Ruin Me by the Veronicas and I danced to it. So they named me Veronica." He nodded and I held my bag tightly while we swung open the door. It was beautiful. The bed was a mint green with a hint of blue, the carpet was white and there was a window seat. It had books all over the place with some songs here and there. I saw a poster of the Veronicas on the wall and there were also some bean-bag-chairs on the ground. In the corner there was a dresser and on the other wall there was a makeup table with the most make up I have ever seen in my life. "Have fun Onica." He said and closed the door...


That was just a little part of the book I wanted to share

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