Going Beyond (A Fall Out Shelter fanfic) Lizzys POV


3. Exploring the waste land

The over looker just equipped me with some Armour and a gun, at first I was confused then it dwelled on me that it was my turn to explore the wasteland. As the door opened I breathed in the not at all fresh air and gagged.

I hated it all ready. When I started walking I also realized that I was free and could do whatever now, I can even go look for my parents!! I know they miss me. Setting off on this expedition will be the start of a new life.

00:12 min: It's kinda cold it here... Shoulda brought a blanket

00:25 min: either I just heard someone screaming my name or I'm crazy...

I turned around and headed I the direction of the voice that had called for me, at first I couldn't find anything. Then I realized that thing wasn't human, Ashley told me about these. They're called Thorn Beetles, I know, I know they sound innocent but they are the exact opposite.

What they're supposed to do is confuse you and then when you get close enough they'll take you and trap you in its nest, just to become you and round up more dwellers until they have roughly fifty. Then when they have enough you're never heard from again!

I know right. It sounds like something your older sibling would tell you around a campfire to scare the wits out of you. Unfortunately I never had that feeling. It doesn't bother me though. NO THATS NOT A TEAR GOING DOWN MY CHEEK WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!?

Fine... You caught me, I'm pretty upset about it... That's when I heard a rustling from behind. Oh crap it's a wild dog!!!

01:03 min: being chased by a wild dog, hopefully I can kill it. The meet will be good.

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