Going Beyond (A Fall Out Shelter fanfic) Lizzys POV


1. After the spill

It's been a day now, we've just entered our new vault. I hate it here. We can't go outside because of the stupid government. My mother and father have been taken to a different vault, you know it is true what they say, you never realize what you had until you lose it.

I've made a friend, his name is Justin Voucher. It's pretty nice here our over looker is really pushy though, he keeps moving me from room to room. I've heard about how the over looker is making us repopulate and I find it disgusting!

Also we've been having meetings on who to send into the wasteland to see what will happen. So far we've sent out Ariana Smith. She hasn't returned yet it's been a day. Next they're sending out me I've heard.

Well, I've gotta get back to producing our power other wise I'll get in trouble.

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