3 Good Things

I'm taking part in the 3 Good Things Gratitude challenge


2. Monday 2nd May

It's so lovely to be at home for the bank holiday weekend. Today I am grateful for the following:


1 - I'm really grateful for allowing myself time to complete my many To Dos on my ever growing To-Do list. Getting things done gives me a sense of achievement. We can be so busy. being busy that we often don't give ourselves the time to actually do the things that we need to do. I'm grateful for the gift of time today.


2 - I'm grateful for spending time with close friends in Richmond and then having dinner with the family. I really enjoyed playing "Uno" with their son (an winning) and it was lovely to have a really healthy dinner cooked for me. I then had a lovely chat with one of my best friends. It's really important to me to connect in this way with family and friends and definitely improves my overall happiness


3- I'm grateful for spending the bank holiday weekend at home. Just having a cup of tea with my Dad is precious to me:-)

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