~your name
~which twin(ethan/grayson)
~your appearance

!!!<these can be super dirty or cute,let me know>!!!


3. Grayson~in the shower part 2

"Don't worry Baby, I've got you" I reassured her smirking at the fact I made her legs go numb. I carefully washed her body, rinsing the leftover soap on her body and conditioner in her hair. she waited for me as I quickly showered. rinsing off my body and hair of the products I quickly turned off the shower, pulling back the curtain grabbing two towels for (y/n) and I. quickly wrapping the towel around my waist. I waited for (y/n) to finish so I could help her out. once I helped her out I set her on the cool wooden floor in our room. she carefully sat on the bed, her legs still shaking from her orgasm.

"did I make you feel good (y/n)?" I asked in a hushed whisper against her neck as I knelt down between her legs, carefully. she shivered at my voice.

"Easy Gray" she panted.

"what was that?" she asked in surprise.

"well I was just watching you take a shower, you think its easy to not peek in when I know you're in there?" I chuckled. she laughed breathlessly.

"well you certainly took me by surprise" she giggled. I placed my arms under her thighs pulling her to dip the bed at the end.

"Grayson" she gasped as her thighs spread around my torso wider.

"babe, I'm really sore right now" she breathed.

"really?" I asked dropping my towel to the floor around my knees. I slowly entered her, gently making sure not to hurt her.

"Grayson" she gasped wrapping her arms around my waist.

"see, you're so wet for me I can just slide right in" I mumbled lowly, nibbling on her neck.

"Grayson just shut up and make Love to me" she breathed.

"I dont make love,i fuck.Hard." I moaned as I pulled out, thrusting back into her to emphasize the words. she moaned out arching her back as I thrusted in and out of her.

"Babe. Get on top" she moaned pulling me forward. I pulled her hips to mine staying inside of her as we went further up the bed. I continued once she was in a comfortable position.

"Gray!" she cried as I hit her soft spot repeatedly. I kissed and sucked her neck leaving my mark on her.

"(y/n) Baby I'm close" I grunted into her ear.

"Faster Grayson!" she whimpered as I began to rub her clit. I quickened my pace as I felt my second orgasm coming.

"Grayson Oh God!" she cried out arching her back as she released her orgasm, tightening her walls around my hard shaft. I groaned as I released for the second time twitching inside of her as I moaned her name, feeling satisfied and completely drained of my energy. I panted giving her a few more gentle thrusts, wanting her orgasm to be as pleasurable as possible. she moaned as I gave her one last thrust. I slowly pulled out of her, trailing kisses down her body. she moaned in appreciation to my soft touch. I bit my bottom lip as I saw the heat between her thighs. I licked up her slit, tasting her warm wet heat, swirling my tongue around her entrance, moaning as I tasted her. I smirked as I came up from between her thighs, licking my lips round savoring her taste.

"you taste amazing, as always Baby" I whispered to her. she panted moaning at my voice.

"wow" she breathed out.

"thank you" I smirked wrapping my arms around her waist.

"mmm where did that come from?" she hummed asking me as she laid her head on my chest. I smiled pulling up the covers, to cover our naked body's.

"I honestly don't know" I chuckled breathlessly.

"you just make me do crazy things (y/n) that's one of the things I love about you" I smiled. she giggled lightly leaving me a Peck on my chest over my heart, like she always did after we made Love.


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