~your name
~which twin(ethan/grayson)
~your appearance

!!!<these can be super dirty or cute,let me know>!!!


2. Grayson~in the shower part 1

Graysons POV


I sighed stepping into the flat I shared with my girlfriend (y/n). setting my keys  on the hook beside the front door and phone on the counter as I walked inside shrugging off my coat.

"(y/n) Babe I'm home" I called out locking the door. I lifted my shirt up taking it off, now in the warm flat. I walked into the kitchen wanting some water. I smiled seeing a note on the fridge.

'Hey Babe upstairs in the shower see you when I get out


I smirked getting an idea. setting my drink down I made my way out of the kitchen, walking down the hall to our room. I tossed my shirt aside, unzipping my trousers and stepping out of them, along with my shoes and socks.

"I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me yeah" I heard (y/n) sing softly with the music she was playing on her phone as she showered. I smirked at her song choice. making my way into the bathroom, I quietly pulled back the shower peeking in to see (y/n) with her eyes closed, washing out the shampoo in her hair. I bit my bottom lip roughly at the sight of the soapy water sliding down her amazing body. I quickly tugged down my boxers, I waited a few seconds knowing (y/n) would be rubbing in her conditioner, then washing her body. I carefully peeked in, at the sight of (y/n) I couldn't help but get a hard on. her eyes closed, her body was all soapy and her hands were in her hair, her body looked so vulnerable. I couldn't take it anymore, stepping into the shower I quickly reached forward picking (y/n) up by her thighs. she gasped opening her eyes. the water washed over us as I slowly slipped inside of her.

"Grayson" she moaned arching her back and closing her eyes in pleasure. I slowly thrusted in and out of her feeling her walls tighten around my shaft. the water making it more easier for us to move.

"(y/n)" I moaned against her neck, working her soaking wet body against mine. she tightened her thighs around my waist, locking her ankles together. she looked so beautiful as she whimpered my name, the water making her soaking hair stick to her neck and chest. she dug her nails into my shoulder as I continued my slow, deep thrusts. I leaned in giving her a passionate hot kiss, my tongue entering her mouth as she gave herself to me.

"Grayson" she whimpered over and over again as I pulled away continuing my thrusts. I grunted giving her a deep thrust, shifting slightly to the right to a spot I knew all to well.

"Oh God! Grayson Don't Stop!" she begged.

"you like that Baby?" I moaned giving her another deep thrust.

"Oh Yes!" she moaned fisting my hair as we continued. I groaned feeling close to my end. I pressed her tightly against the wall our soaking wet body's closer. I placed my right thumb against her clit and began rubbing fast little circles as I quickened my pace.

"Grayson. Oh God! Oh God!" (y/n) moaned.my left hand took hold of her right, lacing our fingers together.

"C'mon (y/n) you can do it, let go Baby. That's all I need to finish" I panted into her ear. she whimpered tightening her thighs around my waist and arching her back.

"GRAYSON!" she screamed out hitting her shattering orgasm. I groaned as her walls tightened around me, finally reaching my orgasm as I twitched twice before I released myself inside of her, moaning her name. I panted as I gave her a few last thrusts before pulling out of her. I carefully set her Down on her legs. she stumbled lightly, quickly wrapping her arms around me.



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