One-Shot Ships

OK, so the name mostly says everything, but what it is is your character goes to high school, and some mortal crushes on them. What will happen? P.S. I need ships to do this. I can do a lot of fandom's, but if I've never read it, I might not be able to do it, sorry! Comment, like, and favorite!


2. Percabeth

Percabeth. My absolute favorite ship. For: myself


 Mia Sanders here. I am the most popular and hottest girl in Clearwater Prep. I am the head of the cheer team and the dance team. Honestly, I don't have a boyfriend, but almost all the guys asked me out. I am still counting on one guy. The sexiest kid in school, Percy Jackson. I can't believe that he doesn't take any interest when I randomly walk by in the hallway. But today, I'm going for him. 

 When I saw him at lunch, I walked over to him and sat at his table with the group of jocks who keep asking me hot. Two minutes later he excuses himself to go to the bathroom, and doesn't come back. Well, he did, but not to our table. Why? Anyway, I'm asking him out in the parking lot after school. 

"So, you going for Percy today?" My best friend, Sandra, whispers during  Greek Studies. 

Yes, after school in the par-"

"Mia! I asked you a question! What is the greek god of the sea?" Mr. Clover asked.

"Uh..." I honstly had no idea.

"Mr. Clover, sir. The greek god of the sea is Posiedon, the god of earthquakes, sea disasters, and horses. He has had a long rivalry with the goddess Athena which still lives today. Also, the Big Three, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, made a pact never to have children with mortals. But that pact was broken by all three of them. They had Th-" Percy was rambling about stuff that we have NEVER learned in class, but Mr. Clover cut him off. 

"Thank you, Perseus, for that stunning" he rolls his eyes "piece of 'history.' But I believe those facts aren't completely true."  

Suddenly, we hear a crack, then a loud crash of glass hitting the floor as the window shatters. A girl with long, blond princess curls jumped through the window. As I looked at her, I saw that she had on an orange shirt, with Greek writing on it. Then something flashes through my mind. I look over at Percy, and sure enough, he's wearing the same orange shirt. Also, he has a huge grin plastered on his face. Surley he's not...

"Wise Girl?" He asks. What sort of name is that?! 

"Seaweed Brain," she responds. Oh no. She did not just insult my future date.

I stomp up to the front of the room, but Percy made it there first. She​ pulled him... What? No. This is wrong. Really, really wrong. He's mine, girl!

"I dont know who you are, or what you think you're doing but-" then she shoved my face away and kissed him. On the lips! 

"To answer your question, i am Annabeth Chase, daughter of the greek goddess Athena, and for what im doing here, well," then she turns to Percy "Chiron needs to see you. First, Rachel has another prophecy. Second, Leo is going to do the hula, so we have to get to Camp, and FAST!" 

"Ok, but what was the kissing about?" I was flabbergasted. 

"Is it against the law to kiss your boyfriend? Now, we need to go, so Seaweed Brain, come on. Nico's waiting outside." She glared at me while i stood, dumbstruck, in front of the class. Tuen they jumped out the window to a boy in all black, and suddenly they dissapeared. 

As i walked back to my seat, i was heartbroken. I cant believe he already has a girlfriend! Curse you, Annabeth girl. (AN: the Arai?! Hah.) 


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