World-painter and Returner

the english version of the story der weltenmaler und die rückbringerin
it happened in my Fantasy town Shangri La, where everything is possible...
english is not my native language, but i try my best


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The World-painter and the Returner

The world painter stood before the unfolded head of Susi. Brandishing his paint-brush he painted her angels, elves, mermaids, Dryads and rainbows in the convolutions. This time, he painted a very beautiful wonderland in the little girl and then associated everything with her imagination. That was his job, he painted for each child a separate world. His biggest problem was that most of the boys and girls forgot all again when they grow. But then his wife came into play, the Returner. Her job was to place in the dead of night hours, these worlds this light back into the memory. They were a good team.

But at Susi something was different, the World-painter already knew, something that made the World-painter every time suffer. At the back of her mind was a second world, a world full of fear and confusion. The World-Painter sighed. Susi would soon be schizophrenic. So he tried to apply his colors thicker and seal them so they hold together his beautiful world as long as possible.

One day Susi awoke in an evil world, trapped in her mind, her soul was hurting.

The Returner just unscrewed Susi’s head and placed the memory of the beautiful world back to the girl. The world was beautiful again, but the darkness swirled around them. The disease brought great uncertainty, but there were also good phases.

This is the destiny of every mentally ill child.

But the World painter and the Returner did everything to bring a bit of happiness to Shangri Las citizens. Because that is their job.


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