The show must go on

the english version of the show must go on
it happened in my Fantasy town Shangri La, where everything is possible...
english is not my native language, but i try my best


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The show must go on

Kami approached the circus tent. She was excited. She wanted to do as an artist in the famous Cirque du DEAD. At least she hoped that it would came to an advertisement. Before the tent was already the skeletal ringmaster. She spoke to him about the job, and he said. "I'm sorry, but that is the Cirque du DEAD … and ahem ... so ... well, how shall I say, you are alive. Not that that would be something bad, I have no prejudices. "

He took her anyway with a guide. They passed the doll-like knife thrower's assistant. The director greeted her: "Well, everything's death?" She put her hand in greeting to the knife in her head and smiled.

They met on the clown, and Kami asked: "And you have certainly died of laughing ?!" The clown answered unfriendly ". No" with all the discontent he could muster. The director and Kami put their heads together and whispered, "Are all clowns as evil." - "Yes" said the director, ". The dead and alive," "I thought so" it shudder Kami. The clown smiled at the two. They were so afraid that they scurried away.

Then they met a Tiger-fur-rug with the head of his tamer in the mouth. The head wailed: "evil kitten! Evil kitten! "Shortly after, his body crashed blindly into the wall. The Tiger-tamer-head began to curse and his body finally brought him his head, then he picked up the skull picked into the eye and placed it eventually on his shoulders.

They passed a large, colorful gun. "Wow a living cannonball" Kami was thrilled. "Um, we are the Cirque du DEAD ...!" The director said. "Sorry, I meant: a dead cannonball." She looked seriously.

They went through the circus and skeletal director finally hired her, with the words: "So far, here everyone died at his trick, so you're going soon to integrate .."

Read in the next episode, how kami become assistant of the Wizard for the exclusive trick of the sawed virgin ....

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