Not fade away

the english version of nicht verhallen
it happened in my Fantasy town Shangri La, where everything is possible...
english is not my native language, but i try my best


1. 1

"Look, a new one"

"Looks cute." Said another voice

And then the new one hung on a wall full of trophies.

"Hi, I'm ... uh ... was a Lemming before I jumped into the sea."

"I am pleased. I was a frog, but did not want to use the toad tunnels. "

"I was a mosquito and I liked this light ..."

"I was a mouse, and there was a board with a piece of cheese ..." said Mouse

"What are we doing here?" Asked the New Lemming

"We are stuck stuffed and on a board.” declared frog

"Why?" Asked the Lemming

Mosquito buzzed: "We are an echo."

"I hear nothing." Said mouse

"Figuratively speaking." Corrected Mosquito

"I see nothing." Said mouse

Mosquito became impatient: "I mean: “We are dead, but still there - like an echo"

"That's good?" Asked Mouse

"Everyone needs to decide that for themselves."

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