My Life

You are a 17 year old teenage girl . What if your life turns into the exact opposite that you have expected ?


1. A New Start

Stella's POV :

Ugh! Its Monday .. Which means i have school ..DUH!! ( sorry if i'm weird )

If you are wondering things about me let me introduce myself to you :

I live in Sydney  .

My parents divorced 5 years ago ,

I have light brown hair ,

hazel eyes ,

freckles ( lots of freckles ) ,

I am one year younger than everyone in my year . I know that sucks ...

And i am not very ( how can i say this ?? ) skinny ...

Anyway i'm that type of person who is not so popular at school and (really) sucks at studies .. :(

I am very shy around boys ...

Crazy around my friends..

I HATE School ...

I love to read books ,

I also love to go shopping with my friends ...

ANYWAYYYYY..... I do not wanna waste ur time anymore so lets get to the story .


-Present day -

I wake up check the time . Shit ! its already 6:30 !!! ( yes my school starts very early )

I take a quick shower and brush my teeth . I then quickly grabbed my black shorts and took my nirvana shirt then tied my hair into a messy bun . And then i slid my feet into my white vans and went downstairs to eat breakfast .


"Are you exited for your first day of school ? " my mom asked giving me a pancake on my plate .

" Yeah i can't wait to see all of my lovely teachers again and do loads of homework ...  " i said smiling sarcastically. My mom rolled her eyes at me and says " Stella, it is important that you study and become educated . You don't wan't to end up partying all night and getting bad grades like our neighbors son . Or do you ? " 


I just rolled my eyes at her .  " Anyway mom , I still can't wait u-" i got cut off by my 'wonderful brother' " Hey sis move your ass and let's go to school . " He said while coming down the stairs . "Good morning to you too bro " I said smiling sarcastically at him and he rolled his eyes at me .

"Bye darlings see you guys in 2 months " My mom said . Oh yeah forgot to mention . She is going to a business trip .

10 minutes later -

I came out of my brothers car as he left me to look for his girlfriend . Thanks bro ....

"AHHHHHH!! Stella is that you ??! " I turned around to see who screamed my name and saw 'Ms.Perfect '  ( my bff Rebecca )" i smiled and hugged her . " I missed you so much " she whispered into my ear while nearly squeezing me to death. 

I smiled at her 

" I missed you too becca " .

She smiled at me and then asked

"Sooo have you done anything fun this summer ??  " 

She winked at me .

I sighed .

I knew what she meant by fun . It either meant : Have you done it yet ? or . Did you get a new boyfriend ?

" Nope . I'm happy being single how about you ? " I answered back causing her to frown .

"Seriously look at yourself Stella you look great . I can't believe that you don't even try to find one boyfriend  .  I mean you have been single your whole life ~"

 . I just rolled my eyes at  her . We started to talk about random things and as the bell rang she waved me bye . 


Skipping to the last period -
Only one more boring class to go Stella. You can do it .

Who am i kidding .. How can i be okay when i have to sit in front of the school bad boy Luke Hemmings ? ( FIY my neighbor )  I mean before we used to be best friends but then as he started getting into this band called 5 seconds of summer he has become into a total douche and only wants to get into everyones pants .

30 minutes have passed in class and he still didn't show up .

I was so relieved .... until i heard my teacher say

"Well who do we have here today  ? late , again .. "

Luke rolled his eyes at him and started to smirk when he saw me . I tried to hide my face but he obviously went to sit behind me and whispered to my ear " Hey babe " I rolled my eyes at him and he started to chuckle . " I know you wan't me " He whispered . " Oh Luke you wis " I got cut by my teacher as he said  " Mr. Hemmings and Ms. Smith do you both want to go to the principals office ? " I shook my head . Why did Luke have to become into this ... different person .... 

Flashback ~ 

"Luke stop tickling me i swear i will kill you after this  "  I said nearly dying on the floor from laughter. " Ok i will stop." He started to carry me bridal style and i knew where this was going . " Put me down ! Put me down this Instant Luke Robert Hemmings ! "

I screamed kicking him but he wouldn't let go of me and he only laughed . " Wow . What a great friend you are . " I said pouting  .

He chuckled .

He threw me into the pool and i was soaking wet . (Duh i fell into a pool obviously i'm soaking wet ). I wanted to get him back for what he has done . "LUKE ! " i screamed. he looked at me with worried eyes .

"What is wrong ?? " He asked.

"I-I  can't swim " I bit my lip trying not to laugh.

He quickly took of his shirt and went into the water.

As soon he was going to grab my arm i splashed water on his face    

"Hey thats not nice you tricked me " he said .

I stuck my tongue out . "You deserved it . " He rolled his eyes playfully at me .

I smiled .

Present day -

I felt tears forming in my eyes as my class mates just stared at me nearly breaking down . I didn't really care tho .

After class i went to go to my locker as someone bumped into me .  All of my books fell down i looked up and saw Calum . Did i forget to mention he was my huge crush . So i was so nervous

" Oh i'm sorry . I will help you pick your stuff up . " He said .

" Thanks " I said smiling at him.

After a awkward silence i was going to make a move by talking to him and it is obviously a big struggle for me because i hate doing the first move.

" Oh are you th-" He didn't let me finish speak . Why does everyone not allow me to speak at least a whole sentence ? " Uhmm ... I gotta go . bye. " Was all he said and avoiding eye contact with me .

Did he just reject me ?

Omigawd ...

Why am i even surprised . I mean look at me who would ever like me ? I felt my cheeks turn red from embarrassment . See , that's why i don't talk to boys .

I sighed . 

I walked back home noticing Luke has been staring at me as his "slutty" girlfriend whispered something into his ear . It must have been something rude about me. I didn't really care tho .

I opened the door with my keys and was not surprised to see my brother here with Micheal, Ashton ....Calum ... and Luke . Tho my brother is not in the band he is also very popular at school and is good friends with them . Calum's eyes widened

" THAT is your sister Alex ? " Everyone turned around to look at me and i saw Luke smirking . Sometimes i wish i could slap him in the face . 


Thank you whoever was reading this chapter .

I hope you liked it .

Maybe you didn't but thank you anyway for wasting your time reading this . :)



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