Alaska is an 11 year old witch in the wizarding world. Alaska is a smart and extremely talented but not only is she talented with her subjects but has a completely different and mysterious talent which could end up being the death of her or someone else...


4. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin

The hall burst into applause, but eventually became silent. The woman unfolded the scroll 'When you hear your name please come up and sit on the stool. Please not that I will read your last name first. Smith, Jillian.' a girl staggered up to the stool. The woman placed the hat on her head. After a few seconds the hat screamed 'HUFFLEPUFF!' the table with the yellow and black banners. A couple more came up and then 'Lovegood, Luna,' A pale girl with long white hair skipped happily up to the chair 'Ravenclaw!' the hat said after a small while. 'Price, Charlie' 'Good luck!' whispered Alaska to Charlie as he walked up to the chair. The woman placed the hat on his head 'Daring, nerve, brave better be .... GRYFFINDOR!' another boy came up and went to Hufflepuff  'Walker, Alaska' said the woman. Alaska carefully walked up to the stool and sat down. The woman placed the hat on her head and it slipped over her eyes. The hat laughed. What's so funny, thought Alaska 'Clever, cunning and determined. Suits you in Slytherin. However, you are also daring, nerve and brave. Suits you in Gryffindor. You are just like Mr. Potter over there eh Miss. Walker? He came in last year,' The hat laughed again. 'SLYTHERIN' it yelled a little while after. The table with the silver and green banners clapped and cheered. Alaska was stunned. She stood up stifly and walked down to the table. A few of the teachers said some things but Alaska wasn't listening. She was thinking about what had happened. 'Weasley, Ginny,' 'GRYFFINDOR!' Suddenly food appearred on the golden plates. Alaska was hungry but couldn't seem to get that much food down. Everyone was cheering and laughing and eating, until finally the food disappeared and professor Dumbledore stood up. ' First years please follow your prefects to your common room,' he said. Alaska stood up and followed a girl down to the dungeons. She led them to a stone wall 'Coram me,' she said 'It's the password if you forget it you can't get in and will have to rot out here.' she said and led them down a path to a bigger poorly lit room. 'Girls to the right, boys to the left,' said the girl and gestured with her hand to each side. Alaska made her way to the girls' dormitory. One of the rooms labeled "1st Years" carried 5 beds with green curtains and a cuboard next to it. Their luggage had already been brought in while they were eating. Alaska carried her trunk to the bed in the corner. She heard the others laughing outside. She climbed into her bed and fell asleep as soon as she had closed her eyes. She woke up early next morning. She pulled on her uniform and robes. The halls were as good as empty. She looked around. Had they passed here last night? Eventually she found her way to the great hall. Twelve people were sitting there. All spread out. She spotted Charlie sitting with a boy and a girl. Both Gryffindors aswell. The boy had chestnut hair, a wide smile and light blue eyes. The girl had dark brown hair wich became lighter at the ends. Her eyes were green. Alaska sat down next to Charlie. 'Morning,' she said and took a piece of toast. 'You're Slytherin,' said the girl. 'Oh really? I thought I was Hufflepuff. Huh! My bad sorry.' replied Alaska 'What are you doing?' asked the boy 'Bloody hell! What does it look like? I am eating breakfast! Or do I have to starve now just because I am not Gryffindor? You people are so full of yourselves! Besides, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Slytherin!' 'Alaska,' said Charlie 'No Charlie not now!' she stood up 'Slytherins are clever, cunning and determined!' 'Alaska,' said Charlie again 'No Charlie! What's wrong with being any of those?!' 'Alaska!' 'What?!' 'People are staring!' Not only the ones that had been there when she came. At least 15 more where now standing in the entrance staring at her. She walked out angrily. She didn't have to make her way through the crowd of people, they moved out of her way. She walked down the hall with her hands balled into a fist. 'Alaska! Alaska wait!' 'What!?' Alaska turned 'What's going on with you? You weren't like this yesterday!' 'I don't know either! Alright? I don't know! Just leave me alone!' Alaska felt the anger boiling up inside of her. She walked of to Transfiguration. It took her a while to find but eventually she reached it. 'Morning professor.' said Alaska 'Good morning Miss. Walker,' said the same tall woman with the emrald green robes. 'I'm sorry professor, but I still don't know your name,' 'McGonagall. Professor McGonagall.' she said and rearanged a stack of books on her desk. 'You know Miss Walker ... You are right. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Slytherin. Merlin himself was one. Nevertheless, some people just believe that all Slytherins become evil in one way or another. However, that isn't true as I once said to one of my own students who I am sure you have heard of; Sirius Black. We all have both light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are. He chose to act on the dark side I'm afraid.  Funny I hadn't expected him to betray his friends.' 'Excuse me?' said Alaska, professor McGonagall cleared her throat as the rest of the students entered. She waited until they were all sat quietly with their books out. 'My name is professor McGonagall. I will be teaching you Transfiguration. Please copy page 4 just once I don't think it will be nessecary for more.' Alaska was stunned when professor McGonagall turned into a cat and jumped to sit on her desk. She had heard of Animaguses before but had never met one. 'Alaska!' said Charlie when he finally managed to catch Alaska after History of Magic. 'Alaska please!' 'What Charlie?' asked Alaska 'Please just tell me what's wrong! This is bloody stupid!' 'I know! I mean I don't know! Charlie I don't know what's wrong with me alright? Maybe it's becasue deep down I think they are right! Maybe they are right! Maybe I am some mean and rude person which all this proves!' 'What? Emily and George? They never met you! I don't think you are mean nor rude.' 'I'm sorry you are absolutely right. I was being silly ... It's just that no one ever says anything good about Slytherin. It's always "Bloody idiots!" or something ... I was being silly ... ' said Alaska 

'You were being silly.' said Charlie

'I know.' said Alaska

'Let's go eat lunch yeah?' asked Charlie 'C'mon'

They walked down to the great hall were Alaska's performance this morning was still the topic of the day. Alaska and Charlie sat down by Emily and George. 'I'm sorry I yelled at you this morning I was being stupid I have only ever heared bad things about Slytherin myself so I understand your reaction. But I am different. I promise,' 

'We're sorry too.' said Emily 'It was rude of us to just assume that you were mean without ever talking to you.' Alaska took a bit of spaghetti. 'They actually make quite good food here at Hogwarts don't you think?' asked Alaska and took a sausage 'I agree,' said George and took a bite of his pizza. 'I'm going to go to the library' said Alaska and walked out into the hall. 'Which way was the library again?'  said Alaska to herself 'Talking with mudbloods are we?' asked a boy behind her 'What?' asked Alaska and spun around. The same blonde boy who had been talking to Harry last night was standing infront of her. 'Malfoy, Draco Malfoy,' said the boy 'Don't call them mudbloods' said Alaska. 'I'm sorry I didn't catch your name there,' said Draco 'Alaska, Alaska Walker,' replied Alaska 'Do you know where the library is?' asked Alaska 'Follow me,' said the boy and led her to a smaller door. He opened it and Alaska went inside. It was full of books. Even more than she had ever seen in her entire life. She chose a big book and sat down next to a girl with wild hair. 'Hi,' said Alaska 'Hi, My name is Hermione. Hermione Granger,' said the girl 'Alaska. Alaska Walker,' replied Alaska 'I know, you are the Slytherin girl who yelled at Emily and George right?' asked Hermione 'Yup that's me the freak with a crazy temparement.' said Alaska 'Is it true the whole thing that happened last year with Lord Voldemort?' Alaska asked Hermione shuddred 'Aren't you ... scared?' she asked 'Sacred? Scared of what? Death? At some point Hermione .... we all die. Death comes for us all at one time or another. Why fear it? Because it's different? Because no one knows what happens? Becasue it's unknown? No. I won't spend my life being scared, and you shouldn't either.' replied Alaska 'Why aren't you in Ravenclaw?' asked Hermione 'Why aren't you in Ravenclaw? It's a question only the Sorting Hat can answer,' replied Alaska 'You don't strike me as a fool either,' said Alaska 'Alaska!' Charlie burst into the room 'There's a um ... letter for you,' said Charlie and handed it to her, Alaska looked on the back. 'It's from my mum,' said Alaska 'She must be awfully disappointed. All my family are Gryffindor. They don't exactly like Slytherin...'Well go on! Open it!' said Charlie. Alaska opened the envelope and read it. Alaska put the letter down on the table, and went to stand by the window. It was raining and the skies were black. Perfect match for her mood. 'And?' asked Charlie. Alaska didn't answer. Charlie picked up the letter and read it 'Bloody hell your mum's awful!' he said 'Why what is she saying?' asked Hermione



                                          'ALASKA GRACE CHLOE CHARLOTTE WALKER!









                        MORE TO SAY! 




Read Charlie. 'Wow...' said Hermione 'I mean I knew she would be disappointed and all but...' said Alaska with tears in her eyes. 'Normally she is such a nice and good mother. She just really hates Slytherin. I'm going to go to class now. See you later.' she said and walked out of the library. 'Give it back you filthy mudblood!' said someone. Alaska looked around the corner. A boy probably in his third year was holding a Emily up against the wall. 'I didn't take it, I swear! I don't even know what you are talking about!' she said with a trembling voice 'You know perfectly well what I am talking about! I saw you staring at it all morning!' said the boy. 'Leave her alone!' said Alaska and walked towards them trying to burry the insecurity in her voice. 'If she says she doesn't have it, she doesn't have!' 'Oh yeah? And what's a mighty first year like you going to do?' 'I said leave her alone!' said Alaska. 'And what if I don't?' asked the boy Alaska slapped him right across his face and he dropped Emily.  'Is there a problem here!?' said a sharp voice behind Alaska. She spun around. Professor McGonagall was standing in the middle of the hall.


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