Alaska is an 11 year old witch in the wizarding world. Alaska is a smart and extremely talented but not only is she talented with her subjects but has a completely different and mysterious talent which could end up being the death of her or someone else...


5. Detention

'Professor! Professor, she took a swing at me!' cried the boy faking his tears 'Oh stop being such baby about it!' said Alaska. 'Miss Walker! Go to professor Snape's office now! He will determine the appropriate concequence of your actions!' 'But...-' 'No but!' said professor McGonagall 


'In trouble already? On our first day?' asked professor Snape 'Sorry sir,' said Alaska 'But he was hurting someone else I couldn-' 'Enough! What house is he in?' asked Snape 'I think he was wearing a Gryffindor tie sir,' 'Fifteen points from Gryffindor and Slytherin and detention for the both of you! Now off to class!' said Snape. Alaska got up and rushed to the Defense Agaisnt the Dark Ats room. She burst through the door. 'Sorry...' she said and quietly sat down next to Draco Malfoy. Luckily professor Lockhart didn't notice she wasn't listening during the lesson. 'Is it true?!' asked George after class 'You got Gryffindor into trouble!' 'I-' tried Alaska 'No! You said you were different!' 'Leave her alone you filthy mudblood! She got Gryffindor into trouble.' interfered Draco and turned to Emily 'Don't you dare blame this on Emily, Malfoy!' said George furiously.  'What? You have a  crush on your little friend Cooper?' taunted Draco, George walked off angrily. 'I have got to stop getting in the middle of all these fights. I'll be expelled before christmas...' said Alaska quietly 'Aren't you going to say thank you, Alaska?' 'Why would I do that? I could've handled it. Without five points being drawn and without a fight that caught everyone's attention.' said Alaska on her way to the Slytherin common room. 'If it didn't attract attention before I came then how would I have noticed?' asked Draco following her. 'We're not even in the same grade,' 'You have a point,' said Alaska 'Thank you. Alright? I said thank you,' said Alaska, stopped and turned to look at Draco who stopped aswell 'Alright,' said Draco. She started walking again. 'Why did you do it anyway? And why are you being so nice to me? You are so rude to everyone else.' asked Alaska. Draco hesitated 'Because you don't deserve to be treated like they treat you. You deserve that someone will be nice to you.' said Draco 'But don't sweat it.' said Draco. 'Coram me' said Alaska to the wall and stepped into the Slytherin common room. She sat in one of the black armchairs, and took out a book. Draco sat down next to her. 'What are you reading?' he asked and bent over to look at it. 'To kill a mockingbird, by Harper Lee,' said Alaska 'It's a muggle book, it's actually quite good. Well ... except for the part where there is no magic.' 'What do you expect? It's a muggle book,' said Draco. 'See, right there. Why do you always have to be rude. Just because it's a book written by muggles,' asked Alaska irritatedly 'What are you talking about? I'm not being rude, just stating a fact,' said Draco. Alaska groaned 'If you don't mind I'm going to go to the girls dormitory where you cannot possibly follow me nor can you disturb me while I am reading,' 'Alright, alright I'll be quiet,' said Draco and leaned back into his armchair. 'Thank you,' said Alaska and relaxed. Just then the wall to the Slytherin common room burst open and all the Slytherins came rushing in. Alaska groaned again and went into the girls dormitory where she lay down under her quilt with a flashlight she had brought from the muggle world and soon after she fell asleep completely forgetting about supper and changing into her nightgown. 



'Good afternoon Miss. Walker,' said Snape when she entered the room for detention. I have laid out a recepie for a potion for you. When you have completed the potion flawlessly you may go.' Alaska took the recepie. 



                                                                 Mortis Debitum


                                                      -Aconite Fluid

                                                    -Erumpent Tail

                                                    -Neem Oil

                                                   -Horn of Bicorn

                                                   -Octopus Powder



                                                    Pour a teaspoon of Aconite fluid into your cauldron.

                                                    Mix it with a spoon full of Neem oil. Next slice the  

                                                    Erumpent tail in half and squish the juice out of one

                                                    half into the cauldron. IMMEDIATLY mix this with

                                                    EXTREME thoroughness. Slice the other half of the tail 

                                                    and than squish it into dust with a rock or a knife or a 

                                                    spoon. Put the powder aside I repeat DO NOT yet add

                                                    the powder. Now squish the horn of the Bicorn. After 

                                                    that add the Bicorn powder with the Erumpent powder 

                                                    and mix just a little bit of Octopus powder. Stir it until

                                                     your hand cramps. Leave it for 2 minutes. To test the

                                                     success of this potion throw a small object e.g. a leaf

                                                     into the cauldron. If the leaf is destroyed within 1 second

                                                      the potion is a success if not, you have failed.




Alaska put the recepie down and took a deep breath. She carefully followed the instructions. 'Impressive,' said Snape 'But not good  enough the leaf was first destroyed after 2 seconds not 1 like the recepie asked for, try again,' Alaska did as she was told but the next time it took 3 seconds for it to be destroyed. 'Try again,' said Snape, and Alaska did so. 4 seconds this time. 'You are losing concentration! Don't let your emotions and thoughts get in the way! Control them! Now start again,' said Snape losing his patience. Again Alaska did as she was told 'This is extremely impressive Miss. Walker. Half a second. This potion is strong enough to kill 50 healthy grown men. You learnt it so quickly,' said Snape 'But you sai-' 'Never mind what I said. I said that to make you learn it quicker. This potion is extremely hard to create even for a well trained potions master. One step gone wrong and it will end in disaster.' said Snape 'You have a real gift. Now run along!' Alaska quickly grabbed her things and ran to the Slytherin common room. 'Coram me,' said Alaska. Nothing happened. 'Coram me,' she said again. 'They must have changed the password. Wonderful! Just wonderful!' she said and slid down the wall. The  wall opened and she fell inside. 'Woah!' said Alaska. 'Walker! I was wondering where you had gone.' said Draco looking down at her. Alaska stood up and brushed the dust of her arm.  'Draco please just call me Alaska I am not fond of that whole last name thing.' 'Alright, well Alaska where were you?' asked Draco 'What so now you're my father?' asked Alaska 'Why couldn't I get in?' 'They changed the password,' said Draco 'It's now: Verba sunt verba,' said Draco 'Oh,' said Alaska and walked into the girls dormitory and put her things on her bed. Everyone was in the middle of eating when she entered the Great Hall. She sat down next to a girl at the Slytherin table. She took a steak and some potatoes and some gravy. After supper she exhaustedly fell into her bed. 




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