The Screw

This tale takes place in my imagined town Shangri La, there is everything possible...
this is the english version of die schraube
you have a screw loose means in german you are crazy
english is not my native language but i try


1. 1

The screw (in german means you have a screw loose that you are crazy)

At the northernmost edge of Shangri La was the root settlement . There lived Miss Muffy. Miss Muffy was a very nice, very, very old lady. She pushed her Turbo 2000 rollator with racing stripes and jet propulsion through the tall trees that grew on the root development. In the greenish light she saw shards lie. She thought of the louts not stowing away their garbage. Furious, she put her third hand to the umbrella ready to hit the villain. At home, she wanted to put together the pieces to get hints. Was it a coconutlicoriceliqueurliquorbottle, it would indicate fungal people as polluters. It could also be a Lilac flask so would any elf difficult suspicious. She puzzled all afternoon. It turned out that their shambles were a porcelain figurine. It lacked the screw that held her upright. - But she loved the doll. So Miss Muffy moved her rootstock, thus tapped the tottering figure and she muttered something in her respectable beard. The doll was wrapped in light. Miss Muffy told her: "So my littleone , I call you Miss Maise and you are my granddaughter now. I'll take care of you, you dear thing. "

They lived a happy life. Miss Maise was always very scattered and her grandmother had often to compose her. The rest of the family laughed good natured at the broken child.

"Miss Muffy," said the battered figurines someday sad: "The Leavenymphs say that I have a screw loose! This is absolutely horrible, because my stand slipping permanently. You have to fix me. I've a screw loose ... "

Miss Muffy saw her granddaughter doll and laughed: "Of course you've got a screw loose! But that's what people love most about you. I do not believe that the Leavenymphs thought in this case the screw on your stand and the way it holds you. "And she winked


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