The Wicked Heart

When a scientist is involved in a hit and run incident. She decides to take the body for her current project. But will everything go as smoothly as she is expecting? Or will she lose her head?


2. sacrifice

(the lights turn back on and within seconds a man is standing there trying to hitch a ride.)


(sue slams on the breaks. the car begins to slide and screech across the road. the vehicle slides 480 degrees before stopping. the car stops pointing towards the body of the man sue just hit. the lights are still flickering on and off. everything stops for a moment. sue begins to raise her smashed head from the steering wheel. sue is bleeding from the forehead, possible concussion. sue rubs her eyes in hopes of clearing her vision, and she looks down at her hands.)

sue- oh my. am i alive? i am alive, ok good. what happened? how long was i out? the clock says five minutes. there is still time. how did this happen?

(sue stares straight ahead and sees the body of a man lying there.)

sue- i better check this out. but what if hes dead? i couldnt go to jail! not now! not with this discovery.

(but at that moment, sue got an idea like no other shes ever had before)

sue- but if he is dead, maybe i do have a heart after all! besides no one is out here to see what has happened.

(sue opens up the car down. she grabs an umbrella and begins to walk outside. the lights of the car are flickering on and off and the body is laying a good fifteen feet away from the car. sue begins to walk towards the body.)

sue- sir! are you ok sir?! hello? are you alive?

(sue steps forward and kicks the body lightly with her foot. the body doesnt move. sue looks around, making sure no cars are coming. the coast is clear. sue begins the drag the body across the rainy road. she stands behind her vehicle and pops the trunk with her keys. the truck opens up. sue grabs the body and painfully lifts the corpse into the trunk. sue had no idea how heavy a human body really is. she fits the entire body into the trunk. she slams the trunk door shut and quickly runs towards the drivers seat. sue sits down and places the keys in the ignition and looks up into the rear view mirror, seeing her own reflection. she is disgusted with what she has done, but she convinces herself it was what was needed to be done. besides it

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