The Wicked Heart

When a scientist is involved in a hit and run incident. She decides to take the body for her current project. But will everything go as smoothly as she is expecting? Or will she lose her head?


5. partners

milo- partners? ha! oh no no no sweet sue. see now after all this time, im not really the push over nerd you thought i was. its people like you who walk around like theyre better than everyone else because they have good looks that should be put down. hell youre such a wonderful human being that you killed a man and tried to cover it up by convincing yourself youre doing it for the better good of man. ha! no youre just a piece of scum like the rest of them all!

sue- and what like youre better than me?! youre just as pathetic milo!

milo- the difference is, i let you believe only what i wanted you to believe. you think i could have done this if i was a half brain dim wit? i dont think so. this took years of planning.

sue- years? what are you talking about?

milo- im talking about the years of patience ive had to have in order to make this happen. the truth is we never needed just a heart. we needed a heart and a brain!

(thunder bursts in the background)

sue- then why wait til now?

milo- because i needed a heart surgeon to properly attach a heart to patient x-13. youre are the best and the most under rated. perhaps if you didnt lose your license you could have really becpme a great doctor, but instead you will become something even more! see i am now going to remove your brain from your skull and i am going to attach it to patient x-13. the heart brought it to life, but your brain will give it knowledge and access to the hard drives of intelligence we installed.

sue- youre a monster milo! youre are worse than me! no one deserves this kind of punishment!

milo- says the killer

(milo turns over to a side table set in between sue and the robot hybrid. milo grabs a large power saw blade and turns it on. the electric saw makes a loud blasting sound. milo turns back over to sue.)

milo- would you like to say anything else before i kill you sue?

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