Depression is a hard phase a lot of people struggle with every single day.
This is my way of fighting this awful disease.
I hope you like it.


3. 3.

At some point, you will doubt everything you do and think in this awful disease.

I wanna quit college and do something else.

My passion for making earth a better place, is gone…

Helping elders isn’t what I want to do with my life.

I respect all of my friends who wants that, but now that it has gotten more serious and I’m actually applying for the education, I can’t see myself in it.


I kinda think that depression is a part of it, but then again.

I think it’s just not meant for me…

It’s so hard to make a life changing decision when you don’t trust your own judgement.


I’m so scared, that my parents will be so disappointed in me if I drop out…

I wanna make movies and write scripts.

I think I’ve always wanted that, but I was too afraid to go through with it.


I have to make a huge decision about rather to stay in Elders care or take the chance and go to film school.


I live in small Denmark, and I know that If I choose movies, I have to go to USA at some point of my life.

Is that what I want?

To leave my family, and go to Amerika?


I might do it, but then again I wouldn’t.


In Denmark we get paid to go to college and stuff.

So my options are.


Elders care.

8000 Kr (1.200 $) per month. My friends.


Film Studio.

970 Kr (146 $) per month. Not 2 hour drive 2 times per day. My motivation is still there.


I just don’t know If the money can be the reason I choose Elders over my passion for movies.


When you don’t trust your own judgement, then how to do you make a life changing decision for yourself?


I don’t know what to do…

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