Depression is a hard phase a lot of people struggle with every single day.
This is my way of fighting this awful disease.
I hope you like it.


2. 2.

Have you ever tried being so miserable you have no idea who you really are anymore?

I have.


Depression isn't something people should joke about.

Depression is a horrible disease and feeling that NO ONE should ever have to feel.


It's like it sucks out all the happy reasons for you to smile, even when you're smiling about something that there is nothing sad about.

Somehow Depression finds a way. 


A few nights ago, i had my friend over.

I won't say his name, cus we have a close intimate relationshio with.

Well never mind.


But that night, we lay in my bed, and somehow he started asking about how i was doing.

I didn't anwser him.

and then he kept talking about how he was loving life, and everything was amazing and he got into the college he wanted and it was all rainbows and butterlflies for him.

I couldn't handle it.

I freaked out and looked up at him. "That's good for someone who isn't using every single power in their bones to stay positive and try to keep this depression away"


I turned around and faced my white wall.

He got quiet.


I started to sniff, and tried to hold back my tears.

when he turned around and wrapped his arms around me.

I felt his bodyheat against my back, and pulled me in close.

He kissed my shoulder, and sighed.

"It's okay, i understand"


I'd never thought i would hear those words come out of his mouth. Normaly he is quite thrug and doesn't show emotions, but this time.

He opened up to me.


I was so relifed to hear him say that.

and im still thankful for that.


He still understands and tries to talk to me about the things that is happening.

I will be forever grateful to him.


Every depressed person, should have someone like him.

and i hope everyone will at some point.


Xoxo Katrin.


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