Drag me Down (Book three)

Sequel to night changes. Ellie has gone back to college and Megan is going through hell. With a new baby, megan has to face Harry, and everyone else who might have issues. Cover by: DanielleCullen all rights reserved.



Kelly's POV

Heyyyyy!!!!! This is your new co author Kelly. Thanks to Morgan, who made me co author. YAAAAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAY IM READY TO WRITE AND STUFF!!!!! Morgan wont let me publish any chapters unless she reads it............ hhehhehehehehe  :)

Morgan's POV

Only because she wants to kill Maddie or Harry. She tends to like death for some reason

But I trust her because we're good friends and what happened to Ellie she quit.


Ellie's POV:

Nope, I'm right here, losers. I'm back!!  You Can Never escape Me!!!!

I'm a badass leprechaun all you mother f**kers all you bitches in the house!!!


Kelly POV:

Oh Dear God. 



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