Drag me Down (Book three)

Sequel to night changes. Ellie has gone back to college and Megan is going through hell. With a new baby, megan has to face Harry, and everyone else who might have issues. Cover by: DanielleCullen all rights reserved.


2. Chapter Two

Megan's POV

I had already gotten ready, and was on my way to the movie premiere. I finally arrived, ans sauntered inside.  I looked around and saw the back of a familiar person's head. Harry Styles.  i took of my sweater that was covering my crimson cuts up my wrists, and walked over to him. i tapped his shoulder. he turned around, jaw dropped. i held my wrists up in front of him, and then flipped him off. I then proceeded to find my seat, that i was assigned. I found my seat, but there was a catch. The person that was assigned to sit next to me was, can you guess? Styles. 


This was going to be a looooooong night.

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