Drag me Down (Book three)

Sequel to night changes. Ellie has gone back to college and Megan is going through hell. With a new baby, megan has to face Harry, and everyone else who might have issues. Cover by: DanielleCullen all rights reserved.


1. Chapter One

Ellie POV:

I'm working on my chemistry project, and i accidentally spill some of the chemicals, and BOOM!!! it explodes all over my hair. I run and go look in the mirror, and behold, it made my hair...red. 

Great...no really. So, i get in the shower, and try to wash it out. No success. It is permanent i guess. 









​Megan's POV:

Hey guys I'm back and last time you guys heard from the gang and I was nine months ago. Remember Harry got me pregnant, and no I never told him. Well right now I'm at the hospital about to be induced.

I have been in labor for about seven hours now and the doctor said I'm ready to start pushing. I'm pushing for about twenty minutes it was an easy birth. I named her Madison Danielle (For Ellie!) Abbott she weighed 5lbs. and 15 oz. They put her on my chest, and started to remove the placenta. While they were trying to remove I felt this horrible burning sensation in my hips. I didn't cry at all during the birth but this was making me tear up. I told the doctor and she had the nurse take Maddie (yes I already nicknamed her.). I thought something was wrong with her and I started to worry. 

"We are a go on code white." The doctor said into the call button thing. I looked over at Justin he looked worried probably because his wife died in childbirth when she had their, now almost two year old daughter Jordan. Not even nineteen seconds after he doctor said that about twenty more doctors came in. They started sticking me with needles ejecting me with strong painkillers.  Than they took me out of the room and onto an elevator to the operating floor and they sedated me.

I woke up about five hours later in the I.U.

Apparently when they tried to remove the placenta it was still attached to the uterus. When they pulled the placenta out the uterus came out with it. (Here comes a gross part skip if your uncomfortable with blood I warned you.) And when they tried pushing the uterus back in a pool of blood would gush out of me, which caused me to loss six units of blood which is over half the amount of blood in your body.

Justin's POV:

I paced the hallway Megan's phone pressed to my ear I was calling the only other person who knew about her pregnancy. Ellie.

"Megan!" Ellie answers happily and he others mummer hellos and other greetings.

"No its Justin and Ellie can you sit down?" I asked her seriously. "What's wrong." She asks nervously.

"Uh Megan gave birth and she loss over half the blood in her body." I say sighing, "The f**k, justin.  and your just f**king telling me this now?" She yells. i hear Zayn in the background. "Oh, god. I've never heard you curse before." 

"I just found out five minutes ago." I say, "You could have called me on speed dial on Megan's phone." she responds angrily. "I couldn't figure out her passcode till now." I tell her she laughs "It's 1111, that stupid blonde." Ellie says laughing.

"Bye Justin." Ellie says hanging up.

Ellie's POV:

I pulled Zayn aside "Megan, shit." is all I say and Zayn looks at me weird I forgot I didn't tell him or anyone else.

I booked a flight for him and I out to Cali asap w would be their in five short hours. FIVE HOURS LATER.

When we got off the plan I called a cab we got in and I told them to take us to the hospital. I fill Zayn in on the way he keeps muttering under his breath "I'll kill him." Zayn mutters again. I am scared that when we get their I'm going to see my best friend laying dead. We arrive I pull Zayn with me.

"We're here for Megan Abbott." I tell the lady up front. "She just got out of the I.U. a few minutes ago." The lady says telling us her room number. I basically fly down the hallways so glad she isn't dead.

Megan's POV:

They wheeled me back to my room. As soon as the door open Justin shot up from his seat and saw me and almost broke down into tears of joy. I could only smile weakly. The drugs they put me on wore off while I was in the I.U. so I ask if I could feed Maddie cause I'm freaking dying over here I want to see my baby.

They say I could but my milk and shit won't come as quick because of the traumatic experience I just went through. Trust me if she didn't just save my life I would have flipped her off. She handed me Maddie and left Justin was taking pictures of me holding her so in most them I was glaring. To be honest I don't mind it when my hair and makeup is done, not when I have no makeup and basically bedhead I guess. Than all of a sudden the door bursts open.

Ellie's POV:

I throw the door open as soon as I get to it. When I go in, and I see Megan starring at the door surprised and she was holding a small baby.

Megan's POV:

"Ellie?" Megan says shocked I nodded coming inside the room fully. Zayn right behind me.

Ellie walks over to stand next to me and looks down at Maddie, "What's her name?" "Madison DANIELLE Abbott" I tell her extenuating the name Danielle. 

"Megan you didn't have too..." I cut her off "I wanted too. After all we have been friends since the summer before kindergarten." Ellie was smiling my brother left cause he had to go pick Jordan up from daycare. Maddie starts crying and Ellie tries to help me soothe her didn't work. I held her to my chest and she calmed down finally.

Then I heard a camera click I looked up Zayn took a picture. I didn't care at this point I was too happy. I took my phone off the little wooden tray next to me. I checked through Twitter lots of stuff I scrolled through checking each of the boys pages on Harry's the fans were wishing him a happy birthday.

"Wait todays Harry's birthday?" I ask looking up they nod then I look down at Maddie. I tie my hair into a messy bun and snap a picture of Maddie and I.

I posted it with the caption 'Welcome to the world Madison Danielle Abbott.'


Ellie's POV:

I'm crying at this point, and i can't help myself. 

"Did you dye your hair, Ellie?" Megan notices. 

"Actually, No. it's a long story." I say. 



a week later. 

I'm finishing up some homework, and am watching a little TV. We moved back in to our house in California, and Megan is healing fro the labor. I'm doing homework. MY life is super interesting compared to everyone else's....not. 

i finish, and i lift my head up, and Zayn is starring at me. "what?" i say.   he giggles. "You just look so cute with your glasses on." He responds.  "Oh, really." i say, taking them off, and smirking. He laughs. Megan walks in the room. 

"Hey, bestie." i say and walk over to her. "I'm not giving you any money, Ellie." She says, while packing the baby's diaper bag. "i was totally not gonna ask that......any who, what's up." i say. "I'm packing the baby's things, i'm going to a movie premiere and i am having Justin watch the baby." she replies. "Why can't i do it?" I ask. 

"Well, you arent very careful, when it comes to focus. I mean, your hair is still red from that chemistry project you blew up last week." Megan explains. "Fine." i say, and sit down. "But people pay hundreds of dollars for this dye job at a salon. So, Ha." i remarked. Megan rolled her eyes in defeat. 

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