Drag me Down (Book three)

Sequel to night changes. Ellie has gone back to college and Megan is going through hell. With a new baby, megan has to face Harry, and everyone else who might have issues. Cover by: DanielleCullen all rights reserved.


9. Chapter 8

Megan's POV

Two weeks or so later. 

Zayn and I are officially a couple, and Ellie is ticked off. Something about a girl code or whatever. 
The first few weeks have been amazing. But over the weekend while Maddie was staying with my brother Zayn has been acting extremely weird. 
When I say 'weird' I'm mean how he has been treating me. Some days it's like he sees me as a six year old other days like I'm twenty-two (which I am so I'm not complaining.) 
Honestly it's ticking me off. And he gave me a list of RULES yes RULES. He also told me that if I didn't follow them I was in 'trouble'. Some of the rules are ridiculous here they are. 
1. No cussing <- that one is the one I break constantly but ya know nobody's perfect. 
2. No getting angry/yelling of being a brat at him. <- again nobody's perfect. 
3. No contact with ex boyfriends.  I have no problem following that one. 
4. Do what I tell you.  Uh lets just say I break that too. 
5. I decide whether you can go to award shows based on who's going. 
So yeah apparently I'm in trouble when he gets back from his trip to visit his mom in Bradford. 
I'm honestly not scared of him and I'm going over to louellies ha Louis and Ellie get it? Never Mind that, Harry is going to be there and I'm bringing Maddie with me. Can you say awkward, I'm thinking about telling him tonight. I just don't know how. 
A couple hours later. 
I pull up in front of Ellie's, I'm dressed in one of my favorite outfits. High waisted black skinny jeans and a white lace crop top with a whitewash jean jacket, and black Vans. 
I get a sleeping Maddie out of her car seat and knock on the front door. My newly dyed hair pulled into a braid. When I say newly dyed I mean Zayn convinced me to get a streak of the pink that's in his hair in mine. 
Harry's POV. 
"I'll get it." I say being everyone else is lazy. Ellie shots out of her chair and tried to beat me to the door. I have longer legs, so I beat her. Okay she's the same height as me and so is Megan. I'm surprised I even care to remember her name being its not like we ever did anything. 
Ellie slumps and trudges back to her seat, as I open the door revealing a blonde holding a baby. Her head is turned down toward the baby so I can't tell who she is, she pushes past me. Her phone goes off and I recognize the song that it's been sent as. Pillowtalk by Zayn. I can't believe he left the band to write songs like that, I mean the title isn't even cool who would listen to a song called Pillowtalk. 
I follow the blonde and she hands the baby off to Louis who's sitting next week to my sister. She hates the fact that we are related, but I've accepted it why can't she. 
Niall gets up and side hugs her, "How's the other half of Zaygean." The girl laughs her laugh is familiar. 
"Zayn went to Bradford for the rest of the week." She says. 
"And I bet little miss Megan is missing her Pillowtalk." Louis teases. 
"Shut up he's not like that." She says. 
I'm at a loss for words, I made a promise to myself if I ever saw Megan again I would apologize and try to get back together with her. 
"Megan." I choke out finally. 

Megan's POV. 
"Megan." Someone chokes behinds me, I turn towards the voice. It's none other than the father to my child, except he's cut his hair. It looks good in my opinion, much better than the long hair. 
"In the flesh. Honestly we saw each other two months ago at that movie premiere." I say and take a now awake Maddie from Louis. 
"So you babysit now did your music career crash and burn after that song on New Years." Harry taunts. 
"Actually this is my daughter." Megan says. 
"Zayn seems like a great father." He retorts, he probably didn't see her green eyes that are exactly like his. 
"Actually...." I start and I'm cut off by Louis, "She's your kid dumbass."
Harry's face goes pale. "We never wait no we never."
"Actually, New Years Eve we did." I reply. 
Harry's jaw is basically touching the floor. 
I roll my eyes and shift Maddie's weight, she around nine months old her hair is a lighter version of Harry's. She looks almost nothing like me, well except her facial structure. Button nose, large bright eyes (well that's what my brother said.) other than that she looks exactly like Harry. 
"What's her name?" He stutters. 
"Madison Danielle Abbott." I say. 
"Why didn't you tell me?" He asks. 
"Maybe because you cheated on me," I snap. 
"It only took you fifteen minutes to start yelling at me." He retorts. 
"You impossible." I yell, my phone cuts my yelling episode off. I check the ID Zayn <3 comes up on the screen. I sigh and hand Maddie to the closets person, which to Harry's luck was him. If I wasn't taking the phone call he wouldn't get to touch her. 

I walk into another room. 
"Where the hell are you." Zayn's voice booms. 
"I'm at Ellie's, I know I was supposed to be home but she wouldn't stop bothering no me to come." I say, the line goes dead. 
I sigh.

I hope you people enjoyed I wrote this on a plane. 

Chapter by Morgan_Smile. 

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