Drag me Down (Book three)

Sequel to night changes. Ellie has gone back to college and Megan is going through hell. With a new baby, megan has to face Harry, and everyone else who might have issues. Cover by: DanielleCullen all rights reserved.


7. Chapter 6

Ellie POV:

----2 Months Later-------->


"You need to stop avoiding him." Megan says, as she grabs a glass out of the cabinet. "I'm not avoiding him." I lied. Megan sighs. She walks over to the fridge and I follow her. Megan gives me a I-Know-You're-Lying look.

She opens the fridge and takes out the orange juice. "Ever since he said he loved you, you've been purposely dodging his calls, hiding when the doorbell rings, making plans when he comes over with Harry and Niall come over, when Niall comes into town, and you refuse to talk, to call, or anything to him." Megan says, and pours juice into her glass. She sets the juice back into the fridge. "Okay, maybe I am avoiding him a little." I admit. (kind of)  Megan walks out of the kitchen, and I follow behind her. "A little?" She teases. "Okay. Maybe I Have been avoiding him. a lot. But it's not what you think." I say. Megan sits down at the dining room table. "You need to call him, and handle whatever that is." She lectures me. "Don't you start." I say, "I invented the lecture."

Megan rolls her eyes at me, sassy-like. I laughed. So, did she. "Maybe I'll call him.....never." I whisper the last part. Megan gives me THAT look, like, call him or die. "Fine." I give in.

My phone buzzes. "Oh, That's me. I got to go to work." I say, and grab my jacket. "I'll see you when I get home, try not to screw things up, and make too much of a mess while I'm gone." I say, and grab my car keys. Megan laughs; "Alright mother." She teases. I walk out the door.

On the way, I get my daily Starbucks, and finally arrive at work. I walk through the door and am mobbed by people.

"Ellie, where do you want these files?." Alison asks, "Put them on my desk, I'll look through them, on my lunch break. " I say. "Ellie, Lady Gaga wanted to meet with you, when is your soonest available meeting time?" Elise says.

I check my calendar on my phone. "Wednesday, 3:00pm o'clock." I assure.

I finally make my way to my office, and find the files from my intern, Alison, on my desk.

I start shifting through these, most just unpaid bills from clients, that haven't paid off their record label contract fines.

Then my phone rings. I stop, and look at the caller ID.

Long behold. Louis.

At first I hesitate, and don't answer it for a while. Then the guilt overwhelms me. I pick it up, and answer it.

"You know, we really need top quit meeting like this, over the phone." I say.

"Well, at least you haven't lost your sense of humor." He tells me.

"That's something that will never change. What do you need?" I ask, and suddenly regretting asking that.

"Just needing to hear your voice." Is all he says. "I miss you too." I say.

"What's wrong?" He says.

"Nothing." I assure. He pauses. "Maybe we should talk, like, face to face? My place, when you get off of work." He suggests. "Yes." I say.

we say our goodbyes. And then I hang up. What did I just do?


6 O'clock that evening--------->

I clean off my desk, and hand the organized files to Alison, and I close up the building. I walk to my car, and put my purse in the passenger seat. I start the car and blast the heat. After 4 traffic light, 3 rights, and 4 lefts, I reach Louis' house. I pull up in his driveway, and I see him waiting for me, on the porch. I smile. seeing him made me more happy then I thought. I get out of my car, and I walk up to the porch. I' right in front of him. my eyes start tearing up.

"I'm okay." I say.

I start crying.

He pulls me into a hug, and hold me tight. Then he whispers; "I know you're not."


----To Be Continued------


Chapter By: DanielleCullen


I cried while writing this chapter, it was so emotional!!!! anyway, I love this chapter, and yeah.

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