Drag me Down (Book three)

Sequel to night changes. Ellie has gone back to college and Megan is going through hell. With a new baby, megan has to face Harry, and everyone else who might have issues. Cover by: DanielleCullen all rights reserved.



Ellie POV:

"why did you come back early from the movie premiere?" I asked Megan.

She rolled her eyes at me and said; " Maddie's father was there. And it seemed like Justin wasn't doing a good job at taking care of her." 

Justin perked right up, "I have a kid too, you know, and I do just fine. I've been at it way longer then you, sweetheart." 

Megan sighed. "Look, I just didn't want to be around Harry, OK?" 

I nodded, and let the matter drop. She's here now, nothing we could have done. "Want to play a game?" I asked, Megan's eyes widened. 

"What game?" She asked.

"Glad you asked, how about a good old game of truth or dare, for old times sake." I suggested. Megan agreed, and I called up some friends. Everyone loves midnight truth or dare. 

Everyone arrived


Kelly's POV

I got a call from my bestie, Ellie,  and she asked me to come over to play truth or dare. I have nothing better to do. Right now I'm in my car driving to Megan and Ellie's house. Oh great!!! Some asshole cut me off!! I slammed my foot on the break and honked my horn loud. I hope I make it to the house in time.

***20 mins later.*****

I arrived at Megan and Ellie's house. 

I knocked on the door, and patiently waited. I paced. I then saw a limo parked in the driveway, and that seemed weird to me....


Ellie POV: 

\\\ the knocking on the door wouldn't stop, do i decided to answer it. And long behold, Kelly. 

"KELLY!!" I screamed. Megan shushed me. "What? Kelly's here." i whispered to make a point. Megan rolled her eyes at me and went upstairs. "Kelly!" i said, Kelly gave me a funny smirk, and we hugged. 


"Sorry, about Megan, she's in a bastard mood today." 

"I noticed." Kelly says. We break out laughing. 

I guide Kelly in and give her a tour of the house. Kelly seemed not so interested in the tour, she just wanted to get to the game. As time past, more people arrived. Kelly(which you already know), Ashley, Mickayla Louis, Zayn, Megan(who you know also, and turns out the reason she was shushing me was because the baby was sleeping, and i woke her up. Whoops) Alice, Layla, and Harry. 

Harry. Megan is gonna be pissed. 

Harry. My bastard of a older brother.

Megan came downstairs dressed in the MOST ugly outfit in her closet. (well, it must be, because I've seen her closet, and this is horrid.) 

"Um...Megan? What the hell are you wearing?" I comment. Megan just ignores me. 

"Hmm...Kelly, maybe you should try and snap some sense into her?" I ask, Kelly nods. "I can try."

"Please Do." i pushed.





Sorry, This chapter is kind of crappy, maybe? No? Okay, then. 

Well, We introduced Kelly!!!! Yays!!! Anywho, 

Chapter By DanielleCullen:)

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