Alligator Tongues

A compilation book of some poetry/songs/vignettes etc. I've written....

They're often based of real emotions and/or events that me, someone I know, or someone I'm close to has experienced.
May sometimes contains dark and sensitive topics - you have been warned.


7. Artificial

Artificial people
Artificial food
Artificial friends
that aren't any good.

Artificial bodies
Artificial tears
Artificial words
that just harm my ears.

Your artificial dolls
simply plastic at that
create negative views on society
and the results are drastic.

Artificial people live in their artificial world
and just the thought of their conformity makes me want to hurl.

Pretty pretty girl
in a shitty shitty world
they blind her
so she cannot see her beauty.

Isn't that sad?
That's why it drives me mad,
that artificial girls
make the sweet girls birl.

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