One Day at a Time

Walking home with Ava was more fun than ever. Sometimes I got scared walking by myself. I could tell that Ava was tired. I knew she was wondering how I managed. I just tend to take it one day at a time.Then, around the corner, I knew the Bed and Breakfast was here. I could see the pointed roof peeking from behind the trees. We were here. And we walked in.

One Day at a Time is the second part of the One by One Series. Told by Charlotte, this story is a continuation from One Step at a Time. Please Read One Step at A Time before reading One Day at a Time. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions or ideas! Thank you, and enjoy!


3. The Introduction

Introducing Ava was easy. Lilly and Katie were so happy. I just wonder what Ava thought of them. I know she lives with her grandfather- I go to his chess club. I hope Ava likes them. I should ask her what she thinks at school.

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