Evil within Light

A city burns bright with fire, bright with flames
A light on the wings of darkness
kills with no remorse
Rides on the sounds of sorrow, sounds of the lost
In the darkness he lives into the night he comes
destrution his only goal
a devil, an evil the hairbringer of death
Hiding behind the veil of reality and fantasy
killing the innocent and helping thw wicked
his dark flames burn the dark desires
burning the faith and the world with his dark fire
He is in everyone
He is the Darkness in us


1. The Light

Before the light 

    an open gate awaits

Here I stand looking at the Light seeing

    joy and peace, happiness and love

I turn left and see


No love, just hatred

No peace, just war

No water, just flames

I turn back to the waiting Light

     yearning to enter

A snake crawls out of the Darkness

     blocking my path to the Light

Nothing I do will

    shake the snake

But the Light comes closer

     giving me strength

Then I realize I am not alone


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