If You Were Girl [Song]

This is potentially going to be my entry into the Movellas 7th Anniversary Competition. I'm waiting for the go-ahead as to whether or not lyrics can be entered, but I wanted to write this anyway. Even if I can't enter this into the competition, this is my celebration of what Movellas, and the people on it, mean to me.


1. If You Were A Girl


[Verse 1]

When you’re around I don’t hurt
Its nice and peaceful to be here
All of my pains go away
Cause of all the people that are here
Every t-time I’m gonna cry
I just come crying over here
Mortality, I’m gonna die
But you make my pain disappear

Those around can be a pain in the ass
But we soon move past
Cause I’m home, home, home, home

You'd have golden hair
Fallen in love and its forever
Every time we fight
I nearly walk away
But I can’t leave no matter what I say
I know I’d be in love with you

[Verse 2]
All of the times I need help
I can just come right over here
You will praise, all I've done
And my words will always appear
You like to read, deep into me
And I will open up my heart
Though we fight, I know it’s right
That we will never be apart



Come on RJ
No matter what I say
L2002 and you know this is your place
Satan come on
Galaxy K got a place in my song
Running XC
Always there for me
Jazzy best friend that I never thought I'd meet
This could move on
Get you all in
Glad or sad that I’m always gonna sing
And if I missed you
You’re still in my heart
I love everything and I hope we never part




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