The Beast Inside

The Titans have united with old allies to defeat the great threat that is Slade once again but it is not a simple task, for the masked mastermind has assembled an army of fearsome villains to help his cause. Robin's plan was simple: find a way to breach the walls of the citadel and then unite their strength to defeat their nemesis. It was going quite smoothly until Raven got taken away before Beast Boy's eyes. Then it went from bad to worse when Robin got captured as Starfire was supposed to watch his back. Both the green teen and the tamarean princess are deeply affected by this. Cyborg, who is barely able to fight after being injured, can only hope to calm them down and get the team back on tracks. The Teen Titans' power does not reside only in their powers, and the half machine man knows that all too well, but will he be able to convey this to them? He can't help but wonder, however, what Slade's plan is and why some of the Titans are behaving strangely...


8. Chapter 8 - The Beast Inside

As realization finally dawned on the green boy, a deep and dark voice echoed from deep inside him.

"So, what are you going to do about it?" It said in a mocking tone, almost laughing. Beast Boy's eyes shot up in surprise.

"Wha-?", he began.

Cyborg looked at him strangely and Beast Boy instantly knew he had been the only one to hear the voice. But where had it come from? An as if it had been reading his thoughts the voice responded.

'You still don't know?' It asked, and the green teenager could feel the smirk behind the deep words. He had an idea, but how was it possible? That had never happened before… He felt the mystery voice's smirk become larger, if it was even possible, at the thought.

'But that's impossible...', he thought.

'Nothing is impossible… You didn't answer my question, what are you going to do about it, Garfield?!' Spoke the deep voice again, a little louder this time. Beast Boy could sense the anger and the animalistic urge behind the mocking tone. His instinct, and his fear, was immediately proved true. He closed his eyes and found himself in a dark space in his mind, surrounded by darkness. The only other thing was the overbearing presence of the voice.

'I...', he began, hesitating, not knowing himself how to respond…

'WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!' The voice was now a load roar and he could feel it getting closer to him, almost absorbing him in the darkness.

As the presence yelled at him, images and memories flashed in his mind, the first time he had met the Titans, the first time Raven had laughed at one of his jokes. The time she had been betrayed by the dragon, the intent to kill the dark creature he had felt at that time. The night Raven had comforted him after Terra's betrayal. Images of the dark girl smiling overlapped those where she was punishing him for his pranks but, when all those scenes had come and passed by only one remained engraved in his mind. One time she had come up to the roof to meditate and she hadn't seen him already sitting on the elevated platform over the door. She had lowered her hood and simply sat there, levitating under the night sky and the pale moon. All thoughts of pulling a prank on her had vanished as couldn't help but admire the moon rays shining on her delicate features (at that moment he couldn't imagine anything else than that calm and serene attitude in the dark sorceress, even though he knew how fierce she could be).

He had stayed the whole night, just calmly looking at her, only moving back to his room as the sun was coming up in the sky. That day he had missed the training session imposed by Robin and had incurred his wrath and Raven's mockeries but, to their surprise, not even the overload of chores he had been tasked to do had been able to spoil his good mood. None of the other Titans had been able to come up with an explanation as to what had caused this sudden surge of happiness. Since that day the green Titan had never been able to take his mind off of the dark girl and her moonlit face. He had doubled his efforts to make her participate in the group activities and to get her out of her confinement in her room. And despite her harsh reactions, the inevitable beatings he would suffer, he had never relented and had kept bugging her as much as he could.

He was there whenever she needed it (and unfortunately also when she didn't), keeping an open eye on her during battle and even going as far as to become a monster to gain enough strength to protect her. All the while remaining a faithful friend to her even when his feelings had grown to much more than that and he wasn't sure he could contain them any longer. Yes, it had taken him a long time to realize it but he had loved her since the beginning, since he had laid his amazed eyes on his four new friends for the first time.

As this image remained he felt anger fill him up, rage surged through his veins and his blood started boiling. She meant so much more to him than any of the other could ever imagine (well, that was not exactly true, sometimes he had the feeling Cyborg knew what was going on in his mind, he mentally shook his head at the idea). He couldn't stand the fact that she was hurt and that he wasn't there for her although she needed his help. During the time he had been thinking about all that, the presence had gotten closer, it slowly passed behind his back, he could feel it's dark and heavy aura.

'Okay...', he thought, a determined look on his face.

'What was that?' , the voice asked, suddenly very serious.

'Just this once… Let's do this…', he thought again, more forceful this time.

The green boy knew it was his only option if he wanted to help her, it was extremely risky but somehow he knew the creature he had tried to fight back for so long had the same goal as him. If he had not been so focused on taking down Slade, he would've blushed at the reason he was doing this.

'You dream kid. We are bound together...', the voice said, now in front of him and getting closer. 'But it seems you start to understand...'

That was when he saw the eyes. Two pure white spheres glaring at him. He heard its heavy footsteps and closed his eyes as the creature approached, overwhelming him in its darkness. He let the raw emotion take over him felt his body surge with energy. All this had happened in a mere second inside his head and so, to his cyborg friend, it looked as if he had suddenly decided to stop sulking and to finally rejoin the fight.

The half-man half-machine man noticed the change when the dark his friend's dark eyes turned completely white. Cyborg took a step back as Beast Boy suddenly stood up, his body completely stiff with tension and looked at the sky. His whole body started to convulse as it started to expand. His chest became wider, his legs became longer and more muscled, his teeth grew and his face became longer more wolf-like. The cybernetic man understood what was happening when his friend's arms and hands grew in size and became huge clawed paws. He had already seen something similar to this when Beast Boy had turned into The Beast. He stepped back in shock, not knowing how to react. Should he intervene?

The creature now in the place of Beast Boy convulsed again, growing to a good three meters in height and its teeth and claws expending even more and becoming razor-sharp. The creature suddenly went still, it looked at the darkening sky with its white eyes and opened its large mouth. A deep and loud roar filled the air, momentarily making the field freeze in silence as everyone stopped fighting to look at it in apprehension as it howled to the sky. It roared as loud as it could, wanting him to know he was coming for her and that nothing would stop it. Even the great walls of the stone citadel seemed to shake. Then it turned towards Cyborg, he readied himself in a fighting position, unsure how the beast before him would act. But to his surprise it seemed to nod to him and jumped towards the citadel, running through the enemy ranks and taking them down with single strokes of its arms, all the while growling madly.

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