Safe is about fallen angels, A girl named Alice and her mom have been hurt and kidnapped by her father. She awoke in a hospital. She meets a boy named Kyle and he is a Fallen angel...


5. Chapter 5- The end of it all

        The plan takes place a week from today.
   Kyle thought it was best if Bella stayed with Kyle and I at is town-home, since it is to dangerous at my home. Things are different now that both of our mothers are gone, my dad-- Well a fallen angel on the bad side. He tricked us all. I'm all Bella has left, and her and Kyle are all I have left.
   I was standing in Kyle's kitchen swaying back and forth in front of the pantry trying to find something to eat. It was about ten thirty in the morning and from where I stood, I could see Bella sleeping soundlessly on the sofa and I knew Kyle was still asleep in his own bed.
   I turned around to find Kyle whom had just walked into the kitchen. I could see him holding something in his hand. My cell phone, it was ringing and he held it out to me. I reached for it and looked at the screen. It read 'unknown number'. Why was someone calling me from an unknown number? I looked up at Kyle, "who is it?" I asked. He gave a slight shrug. I answered the phone: "Hello?"
"Is this Alice?"
The voice sounded familiar but I couldn't figure out who it was.
I hesitated slightly. "Yes." I said finally.
"It's Jake, you're father is on to us. Are you at Kyle's?"
My jaw flew open, how did my father know about it? Or how was he onto our plan. "Yeah, I am."
"I'm coming over."
Before I was able to respond, he had hung up. I looked at Kyle and we both shared a panicked look.
Bella didn't know anything about angels or about the plan to kill my father. This was a whole other world that wasn't supposed to exist. I didn't want people to know about this. She couldn't know. She would think we were crazy.
I had to get Bella out of here. But she already told me she had to leave sometime in the morning. I heard her waking up. I looked over at her with another worried look, "What?" She asked.
"Nothing, you need to get out of here soon." I knew it sounded kind of rude of me. But she had too. She didn't ask any questions she just nodded and got ready.
A half hour later there was a knock on the door, which made me jump. Kyle kissed my forehead than walked toward the door to let Jake inside. Jake was pacing the room fast enough where every time he walked past me, it brought a cold rush or air towards me mixed with his cologne. He was talking to Kyle but I wasn't listening, my mind kept going to Bella, and how if she found out, she would think we were all crazy. She probably wouldn't talk to me anymore.
I felt a hand go on my back. "Alice?" Kyle said. I looked up at the two of them. "Yeah?"
"You feeling okay?" Jake asked.
They went back to talking, "H-he knows--" Jake started to say but before he could finish, Kyle butt in, "How?" His voice was stern but calm. "I don't know, I really don't." Jake looked at me and we locked eyes for a moment, I felt Kyle's body grow stiff beside me. Jake's eyes were shimmering and for some reason I couldn't look away from him, even after he looked away from me.
 Throughout the conversation, he kept trying to sneak glances at me. It made my stomach fluttered. No. I was with Kyle, I was not supposed to be feeling like this, only when Kyle would look at me. I locked eyes with Kyle and his face looked worried. But than his eyes grew wider, "Wait." He said and rose to his feet.
Jake and I both starred at Kyle waiting for him to say something. "We just have to do it sooner. When he's not expecting it. Like tonight." He looked between Jake and me.
"But--W-we aren't prepared, Kyle." Jake said.
"I don't even want to go through with this." I said. "But I know it needs to happen, he's hurt and killed to many people..." Tears burned the back of my eyes. Kyle and Jake sat down on either side of me. Jake's eyes were sincere, "It's okay, Alice. If you want Kyle and I can do it--"
"No, I need to do it." Tears fell down my cheeks but I quickly wiped them away. "Excuse me." I got up and fast walked towards the bathroom. I shut the door behind me and sat down with my back against it. You need to go through with it. You have to. It's what's best. I kept telling myself. "Alice?" I heard Kyle's voice on the other side of the door. I moved out of the way and let him in. He sat down beside me. I put my head o his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around me. "Kyle!" Jake yelled. His head shot up and we both got to our feet.
When we got into the living room, Jake had his wings out. They were black with Silver flecks. Kyle and Jake's wings looked identical. They were gorgeous. Jake's wings stood almost to the ceiling. And wide enough to cover five people huddling in toward him. "What?" Kyle asked. His wings wing's shot out. I gaped at the sight of them. They were beating so gently it just barely lifted him off the floor. The two fallen angels with beautiful wings. They had little slits in their shirts where their wings came out. Jake's face looked horrified. I followed his eyes, towards the door. I started to walk towards it, but Kyle's arm stopped me. "Go back into the bathroom and lock the door." He whispered to me. I nodded and headed for the bathroom. I did as he told me and locked the door. I was terrified. I sat inside the bathtub, shivering.
I heard a door slam and yelling. Three people yelling. Kyle, Jake and...My father. Why was he here? How did he find us? Does he know im here? I got out of the bath and turned the light off so my father wouldn't know anyone was in here. I heard two thumps than foot steps coming towards the bathroom door. My body trembled. Before I knew it, the door was kicked in. My father stood on the other side with a grin stuck on his face. He ran towards me and carried my out of the town home. In the living room I saw Kyle and Jake laying on the ground. I screamed and than I was unconscious.

   I awoke in a dark room, I felt around me and I touched a light switch. I flicked it on. The room was a dark grey with a tiny bed in the left corner. The door opened. I whipped around. Two men had me by the arms and were carrying me as I tried to struggle out of them. The hall was white. A blinding white and than it stopped. The room I was in was black. There was a desk in the middle. A man with large black and gold wings stood behind it. My father. He had that same grin on his face he always did. The one that made my skin crawl.
"I heard you wanted to kill me?" My father asked. I didn't answer. He waved off the two men who brought me here.
"Where is Kyle? And Jake?" I asked. His grin fell away. His voice became stern. "They're fine." He slammed both fists on his desk, it nearly broke it.
"Where are they?" I asked again. My voice grew louder.
"How do you plan on doing it?"
I had a confused look on my face. I became angry. "Do what!" I shouted.
"Kill me." I saw his lips curl into a smile. I turned around. I couldn't stand to see him anymore. I started to pound on the door, I didn't want to be in the same room as him. Not now, not ever. "What are you doing?" He asked.
"I want out of here."
I heard him laugh. "I see." His voice was nearer. He was standing behind me. I turned around, I became so angry, I felt like I should kill him now but there was no way I could. I stepped toward him and pushed him harder, than I ever would be able to. He went flying over his desk. He got up no problem.
He came running towards me, but I held my foot up and kicked him so hard he slammed into the wall. I felt confused and proud at the same time. How did I do that?
"How are you doing that?" His voice trembled with fear.
"I don't know.." I said. But I didn't want to stall. I ran toward him but he held out his hand and I flew back against the wall. My body ached just about everywhere. I slowly got up to my feet. I saw one of the blades Kyle had told me about, it was shiny blade and behind his desk. I didn't want to make it obvious about seeing it so I again ran toward him at full force, before he would have had time to do anything I kicked him again, but harder in the stomach, he slammed into the wall. When he stepped toward me, I could see cracks in the wall where he slammed into. How had I become so strong? Was it because I had his blood? Or was it because I knew one day I would be able to beat him. The confidence to beat him at this. Was today the day? Was I protecting myself? If I was protecting myself that means I would get my wings soon.
Before he was able to touch me, I ran at him again, rammed my foot in his stomach and he hit the wall once again. From where I stood, I could see the blade. If I was able to grab it this would be it. No more of my father harming others. We would be free. I reached toward it, I kept my eyes on him. His body lay on the floor, he slowly got up. I grabbed the blade. He tried to knock it away but I held onto it as tight as I could. At last I kicked him once more, I could tell he was getting weaker and weaker. I walked toward him. He looked me in the eyes. He looked terrified. 
"Im sorry." I whispered. I stabbed the blade into his heart. I stumbled backwards, his body glowed a blinding shade of white. I had to shield my eyes, it hurt so bad. I could hear him cursing and what sounded like screaming. The light faded away. I pulled my hands away from my face, I looked down to where his body was. His body was gone. The blade was left behind. Was he dead? Yes. He had to have been. I fell to my knees and sobbed. I heard a door click open, Kyle and Jake stood a few feet from me. Both of them on either side of me.
"Are you okay?" Kyle asked, checking me if I was hurt.
"I guess."
"Kyle..." Jake gestured to the blade lying on the floor and smiled at me.
"You did it, Alice. He's gone for good." They came in for a hug.
"Can we get out of here? My body feels terrible." I tried to smile. Jake laughed. I felt a tingling feeling on my back. Around my shoulder blades. The room lit up.
"What's that light?" I asked. Kyle and Jake turned toward me, both of them smiling.
"Those are your wings, angel." Kyle said. Both of their wings unfurled, they were still gorgeous as always. 

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