Safe is about fallen angels, A girl named Alice and her mom have been hurt and kidnapped by her father. She awoke in a hospital. She meets a boy named Kyle and he is a Fallen angel...


2. Chapter 2- The Fallen

       After school, I met up with Kyle, since we had both driven to school he said he would just drop me back off at the school to get my car. He drove us to his townhome, he punched in the code to unlock the door, he let me go in first. The first thing I noticed was the kitchen, which separates the living room with a kitchen island. He gave me a tour around the townhome. The kitchen which was dark blue, almost black countertops, with light grey walls, the living room had two black sofas and a flat screen tv. We went down the hall and on the left was a half bath, spare bedroom and pictures of what I believe would be family photos. At the end of the hall on the right was a full bathroom, which was also dark colors: like the kitchen, and his bedroom. I thought about him sleeping in that bed, maybe wearing as little as nothing. Kyle was muscular and very attractive-beautiful.  and whenever he looked at me, it made me feel protected and safe, even if we weren't together.
     He asked me if I was hungry, and I replied with a no. He grabbed himself a sandwich and sat down beside me on the sofa.
      Kyle turned to me and his blue eyes met mine, making my stomach flip flop. "Alice, I brought you here so we could talk." He said, with a grin, and I wasn't quite sure what it meant.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"I mean, when I saw you at the mall the other day, I approached you because I got a vibe off you that you might need protection."
"What do you mean vibe?" I asked as a knot in my stomach formed.
"Just a vibe, it's for business, I'm here to protect you."
"What business." I now knew that he didn't like me. He was just protecting me or whatever he said, it was for business.
"I need you to stay here tonight, it's not safe for you at your home. Mark is looking for you, and I don't know what he really wants so you need to stay here tonight."
"Kyle I hardly know you.." Just than I noticed that I never told him about my father-Mark- trying to kill my mom and I. How did he know, and how much did he now? How much did he know about my personal life? I asked: "How do you know about my father?"
"It's hard to explain, I told you its business, but please its not safe there for you. You can sleep in my bed and I will sleep on the sofa."
"Fine, but how much do you really know about me?"
"Enough questions princess" He locked eyes at me and I hated how it made me feel more for him.
       Later that night I called my mom telling her I was spending the night at Bella's.
       Kyle was going to sleep on the sofa, he told me to make myself at home, I could take a shower and eat anytime I wanted. I had no clothes so he gave me one of his black tee shirts to sleep in. Even though he told me it was okay for me to shower, I thought it would be polite if I still asked. I headed towards the bathroom when he called my name. "What?" I said looking back at him sitting on the black sofa. His arms resting on the back of it. He looked relaxed, but it was like everything he did. He was attractive.
"The towels are in the hall closet, okay? I mean you probably don't need one but that might be to much for us." He said as he grinned at me, and I blushed and laughed, turning towards the bathroom grabbing a towel from the closet. I turned on the shower waiting for it to heat up, as I slipped out of my clothes and hopped in. I couldn't help but think of Kyle, using the same shower-naked. But than I heard a knock on the bathroom door, "Alice?"
Kyle said on the other side of the door.
"Yeah?" I returned.
"Sorry to bother you, even though your showering but I was thinking of going to get some take-out, Chinese. Do you want anything?"
"Oh, no thanks"
"Okay I will be back soon, I will lock the door behind me."
He left, I finished my shower and Put on his tee but I had no pants so I just slipped on my pants I wore today along with his shirt. I liked the way his shirt fell over my body, the way it flowed around me and how comfortable it was. I wished that I could stay here wearing his clothes all the time, but that would never happen.
I heard he door open and I jumped at the sound, it was Kyle he came back with the Chinese food. He stood in the door way and looked at me, grinning. "I like you wearing my shirts" He said the corners of his mouth tipped up, even more.
"Yeah they're pretty comfy, but I had no pants so I just put mine back on." I laughed.
"I see." He said, his smile got wider.
"What?" I asked and furrowed my brows.
"Nothing, but you should get used to me smiling at you because you might stay here more often."
"Why, I don't get what you meant earlier about business." When he told me that protecting me about business it has been bothering me until now and I wanted to know what he meant.
"Alice." He sighed. "I'll tell you another day okay, I'm sure you're tired, you need to get some rest." His smile faded.
I rolled my eyes and walked away without saying anything, heading to his room. As soon as I got inside, I shut the door and took off my jeans so I was just wearing his tee shirt. I must have been more tired than I thought because as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out.
      I awoke to the bedroom door creaking open, I froze when I saw the silhouette, the sky was still dark so there was very little lighting in the room.
A street light was the only light there was. Kyle came into the room and I just laid there pretending to be asleep. His shirt was off and he was wearing his boxers. I saw him go into his closet and grabbed a pair of jeans, he slipped into them. He turned to me. "Alice, are you awake?" He asked, coming closer to me.
"No" I replied, and I felt the tips of my mouth go up.
He laughed and sat on the edge of the bed. "I need to drop you off at home to pick up some clothes." He said with seriousness in his voice.
"What do you mean?" I asked seeming confused.
"I told you it is not safe there, you need to stay here for a while. I don't even want to bring you there to get clothes."
Tears burned the back of my eyes thinking of my father and why it wasn't safe there. I knew why it wasn't, Kyle was right, I needed to stay here. Kyle got up off the bed and flicked on the light, and I quickly hid my face underneath the blanket so he couldn't see the tears running down my cheeks. But my sniffle kind of gave it away. "Are you okay?" He asked while walking back over the bed, his voice was full of concern.
I let out a shaky breath, "Yeah, Im okay"
"Get up its 6:00am will your mom be up?"
"No, so lets hurry."
I got dressed in my clothes, and we headed to his car. When I got home, I opened the car door and he did too. "What are you doing?" I asked.
"I'm not letting you go in there alone, Alice."
"Fine, but we can't be in there long, I don't want her to see you."
"I know." He sighed.
"What do I need to get?"
Well you'll probably be staying at my place for a while so anything you use on a regular basis, I guess."
I rushed inside and went straight to a closet that had a duffle-bag in it. I grabbed it, and got everything I needed: clothes, tooth brush, mascara, my wallet and everything else I needed. We walked back out to the car, and I saw something move from the corner of my eye. Kyle was making sure the door was locked to keep my mother safe while I put my bag in the car. I looked over to where I saw the movement. It kept coming closer. "Kyle!" I shouted.
He looked over, and ran over as soon as he saw what was about to happen. The movement was a man, but not just any man. My father. He grabbed my arm, just by touching my arm, he had knocked me out. But before I fell, I could hear Kyle running at him and swearing. "Leave her alone, Mark." Kyle shouted.
"Kyle." My father said, I could hear amusement in his voice. But it was gone, I passed out.
       I'm not sure when I woke up but it was in a dark room. I recognized the scent, very masculine and nice. I was laying in a bed, a familiar bed. I rolled over and sat up trying to figure out where I was. "Alice?" A voice came from beside me. Kyles voice. "Are you awake?"
"Yeah, where am I?" Now that I knew I was close to Kyle, I felt safe.
"My bedroom, it's about noon, are you hungry?"
"No,  I am not. What happened? I want to know what actually happened" I started to grow frustrated.
He sighed, "Fine, when we came out of your house, your father knew that we were there and he waited outside for you and he knocked you out--"
Wait what?" I cut him off. "All he did was touch my arm and I was unconscious, and how did he know we were there?"
"He is not human, Alice. He has abilities. He knew that you were going to go home eventually."
"Not human?" I shouted. "Are you insane?"
"I know that this is a lot to take in, and when I told you I was here to protect you, I was serious, I'm a fallen angel, Alice. Usually I shouldn't be helping people but I fell because someone framed me for something I didn't do. They know I am innocent but nothing can be reversed. I am the only fallen angel that can actually protect others."
"So what is my father than?" I asked still more confused than ever.
"He is a fallen angel too. But he is  very dangerous. I'm not, like I told you, I was framed." His eyes searched me to make sure I was getting all of this in.
"Kyle I don't understand. That is a whole other world that isn't supposed to exist."
"But it does. I can explain more to you, if you want."
"Yes, yes please." I said quickly I nearly cut him off. I dont understand. A fallen angel? That isn't even possible. Is it? I had so many questions for Kyle.
"Okay, here it goes. I was framed for betraying the rules, so I fell. Now a fallen angel." He watched me closely, as he continued: "They know that I am innocent so they still allow me to protect others, I used to be a guardian angel. They sent me down here to protect you from your father and other fallen angels that may try and harm you. Your father is a fallen angel, he is dangerous." He stopped and came closer to me. "Are you alright, Alice, you look pale"
"Yeah---" I trailed off. "I just need time to adjust to this, ya know?"
"I understand. If I pass by protecting you, you become an angel."
woah what? Me? An angel? It doesn't seem real. This can't be real.
"Lay down, I will be right here okay?"
"Okay..." Before I knew it I was sleeping.  

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