I Just Want It To Be You & I Forever

Jamie and Trinity are just your everyday best friends that never kept secrets. What happens when Trinity has a huge secret and when Jamie finds out it changes everything? There friendship and lifes. Read to find out


9. Travel

We all got in the car. Everybody was already asleep except Niall, the driver and me. Niall leaned his head on my shoulder. "You're so beautiful." He told me.

Niall, it's not right to lie. I'm ugly." I corrected him.

"No you're not. You're a natural beauty." He kissed my cheek.

"No I'm not but thank you." I told him.

"Have you ever been out of the country?" He asked me.

"No. I have always wanted to but haven't."

"Hmm. Well it's really cool in Asia. Maybe you will like it, I love it. Ireland will always be my home though." He told me.

"I have seen pictures of Ireland, it looks beautiful." I told him.

"It's beautiful. It's full of green everywhere because of the rain and when the sun rises in the morning when there is no clouds it looks amazing." He said.

"What are you doing up that early?" I laughed.

"I always wake up and think. People think being famous is easy, but it's not y- never mind. You don't want to hear me ramble on.

"No, I don't mind. You can talk to me about anything at anytime." I told him honestly. I know this may sound absurd and all but, I think I may be falling for this Irish cutie next to me.

"Thanks beautiful." He said. "But right now, let's just sleep. Those idiots don't have their sleeping planned but I do. If we sleep now and the last 4 hours on the plan we shouldn't have bad jet lag." He informed me.

"Okay... Sleep well." I told him. I put my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat.

"You too. Night." He said and grabbed my hand. We fell asleep not long after that.

*1.5 hours later*

"Hey beautiful," Niall said not moving.

"Hmm?" I hummed.

"I'm sorry but it's time to wake up. We have to go board the plane. Everything is ready to go and once we board we can hang out more. After an hour or so we can go back to sleep like we just did." He offered.

"Fine." I mumbled. I stood up and he came out with me and it was totally adorable because I noticed he still was holding my hand and my head was still on his chest. I smiles and he got up. We walked out in the flashing lights of the paparazzi and the cries and screams of fans. The best part of all, he still was holding my hand. I would not of changed a thing, that just now was perfection.

When we boarded the plane everybody was already back asleep. We went into a separate department and just hung out. After an hour we fell back asleep the way he promised. Perfect

*Hey beautiful people. So, i have my Harry Styles fanfic in my drafts! I just have to get to a certain part in this story because if I don't it wouldn't make sense and would ruin this one because I have loads of ideas I wrote down. Please read my other fan fics and follow for updates and just to have a follower. First follower gets a for sure follow back. :) love you all. Xx

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