I Just Want It To Be You & I Forever

Jamie and Trinity are just your everyday best friends that never kept secrets. What happens when Trinity has a huge secret and when Jamie finds out it changes everything? There friendship and lifes. Read to find out


5. Dinner

     We walked out of the room. "I'm hungry!" Niall and I both said at the same time. We all laughed, even Zayn and it was real. 

     "You both are always hungry. You're perfect to each other." I sent Trinity a death glare. "I was just kidding. Haha." She said awkwardly.

     "So what sounds good?" Liam asked above all the noise.

     "Burgers!" Niall, Zayn and I all said.

     "Steak." Harry said.

     "CARROTS!!" Louis screamed. He screams a lot and sometimes it is not to be funny. 

     "Whatever." Trinity said. She always was easy.

     "I am also fine with whatever. There is some place around here that has good reviews for their meat." Liam said looking at his phone.

     "What about my carrots?" Louis asked.

     "There will be carrots Lou." Liam said to shut him up. "Alright let's go." We walked outside to the flashing lights. Harry and Trinity were holding hands.

     "Harry! Who is she? Is she your girlfriend? What's her name?" A pap yelled at Harry.

     "Zayn, are you single?" Another pap yelled. I looked at him because he was looking at me and he looked hurt. He just nodded his head.

     "Who is that ugly girl?" A fan said pointing at me at this Niall and Zayn both looked really aggravated with her.

     "Ew, I know! The one with Harry is even worse. They don't deserve the boys. They are perfect and those girls are ugly." Her friend answered back and Harry sent her a death glare. "OMG! Harry Styles looked at me!" She screamed causing Harry to roll his eyes. "I love you Haz

     "You girls are beautiful so don't believe them." One girl in the front told us.

     "Thank you." We both said and smiled.

     The rest was drowned out by screetches of girls and yells of grown paps. It was very loud. The boys took selfies and signed things on the way but so did Trinity and I. We finally got into the car and drove off. Fan chased the car but we quickly lost them. "That was crazy!" I laughed.

     "It always is like that." Niall said laughing.

     "Yeah, the fans tend to uh... be very excited when they see us." Liam said respectingly.

     "They are like when Niall met Justin Bieber. Haha, Trinity, when Niall met him I had to take him outside so he could scream." (For fans that don't know this actually happened! :) lln) Zayn said dissin Nialler.

     "That's adorable. Haha Justin is actually pretty good." I said honestly. 

     "You. Like. Justin. Bieber?" Niall asked his jaw dropped.

     "Haha, yeah. Why wouldn't I? I listen to every type of music. Just not that much rap. Justin was my first concert actually." I said back laughing.

     "Its just that most Directioners hate Justin and his Bielbers. Not quite sure why though?" Niall said. 

     "Hey guys we are here!" Liam told us all.

     "Yay!!!" We all cheered.

     "Let's go!" Niall said and wrapped his arms around my waist and winked at me. "I shall protect you!" Niall said attempting to sound and look serious but his accent made it impossible and he laughed.

     "Thank you Mr.Horan." I thanked him.

     "For sure love." He answered back. We all went out and rushed into the restaurant. It was fairly small. Only a few girls here. Three of them wore a 1D tourshirt probably from tonight. We quietly walked past them. They were talking about the show.

     "I know. It was so awesome. I'm so tired now though." One of them said. 

     "I know. I could sleep forever." One with a thick British accent said.Liam looked at her. He got a look in his eyes.

     "Ya know, if you slept forever we could never hang out." Liam said walking to this pretty girl. She was tall with lon brown hair and hazel eyes.

     "Oh my gosh." The girl Liam talked to said. "Uh. Hi, I'm Hayley. I am a fan." She said smiling.

     "Thanks love! Nice to meet you." Liam said back.

     "Nice to meet you to! You are my favorite by the way." She said smiling. 

     "Thank you again. Would you and your friends care to join us for dinner?" Liam asked.

     The girls eyes widened a bit. "Uhh. Yeah for sure!" Hayley answered. "We will be right there." She said. Liam came back to us at our table.

     We all heard the other 2 girls squeal. I laughed. "Hayley is really cool." Liam informed us all.

     "Possibly, but her friends seem uh... excited a bit. Yeah?" Louis commented on them.

     "Yeah but I want to get to know Hayley." Liam said blushing.

     The three girls joined us. Hayley and Liam were totally into each other. Louis was talking to a decent looking girl named Tracey. She said bright green eyes and dirty blonde hair. Trinity and Harry were basically just staring at each other and talking just a bit. Zayn was talking a bit to this one girl named Sydney but didn't look at her much, he mainly was watchinme and Niall talk.

     "Yeah derby is my favorite though." Niall said.

     "The game last night though! That one kick changed the whole game!" I said excited.

     "I know! I was screaming at the telley last night and accidentally woke up the boys." He laughed making me laugh. His laugh echoed through my ears. I liked the way it sounded. We all ordered and after 3 hours of this we all had to leave. All the guys gave their numbers to the girls and the girls did the same. We all went into the car and drove to the hotel.




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