I Just Want It To Be You & I Forever

Jamie and Trinity are just your everyday best friends that never kept secrets. What happens when Trinity has a huge secret and when Jamie finds out it changes everything? There friendship and lifes. Read to find out


4. Conversation

"I want the truth." I said clearly.

     "Its Perrie. She is wanting to get married right now and start a family. Yeah, I'm engaged to her but I'm not ready for it yet. We weremtold that our hiatus was approved so I want to do it then but she is saying now. It's just hard being in One Direction, always bust and her in Little Mix always busy." Zayn said shakily.

     "Perrie is in a way right but if you're not ready, she should push it like she is. Now, I'm not expert at relationships but I thinkou guys will make it through all of this drama." I told him honesty. 

     "I know. I'm just trying to do what's beat for me, her, my parents, the band, the fans and everybody. It's just hard having to try to please everybody when you are nothing." He said.

     "Zayn, you're amazing. That's why your fans starting the amazayn thing. Your pare ts are proud of you just because you're Zayn Malik." I smiled. "Perrie is lucky to have you. Your true fans will support whatever you please to do. The band, ey are your brothers. They love you and want the best. With everybody else, screw them. They should let you be sad like this." I told him honestly.

     "Sometimes I wish I nevet did X-Factor." Zayn said.

     That just broke my heart. "Zayn, do say that." I told him.

     "Its just because im in a stupid boy band. Nothinelse, I'm just a boy Simon Cowell used and I am what I am."

     "If you didn't try out for X-Factor, you never would of meet Perrie." I told him trying to help but failing.

     "I guess that's true. Just seeing Niall say that just sets something off in me. I just wish I was telling Perrie she was beautiful in front of her. Actually there, not in text, call, Skype, FaceTime. Just there so I could give her a quick kiss." He started crying. I rubbed his shaking back.

     "Zayn. It will figure its self out one day." I said after a few minutes.

     "No, it won't." He shaked his head. 

     "I promise." I told him. I fixed his hair. "You're amazing Zayn Malik. I promise you that."

     "Thanks." After a few more minutes he stopped crying. "Ready to go back out?" He asked me.

     "Yeah! Let's do this!" He kissed my forehead. "Thank you." With that, he opened the door for me and we walked out.

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