I Just Want It To Be You & I Forever

Jamie and Trinity are just your everyday best friends that never kept secrets. What happens when Trinity has a huge secret and when Jamie finds out it changes everything? There friendship and lifes. Read to find out


6. At The Hotel and Movies

     "Okay guys. Jamie and Trinity are together. Zayn and Niall and Louis together. Me and Harry. Management are underneath us all. Any questions?" Liam said in charge of everything. Everybody agreed and waited until the elevator let us out. We all said good night. Niall motioned me to come aside and we went around the corner. "Hey." He greeted.

     "Hey Nialler." I said happy.

     "I just wanted to thank you for ya know... Talking to me. I haven't really gotten any girl to talk to especially beautiful girls. It's always Harry, I guess the curls really do work." He laughed.

     "Yeah, thanks for talking to me. I had a great time tonight. Also, you are the most good looking and charming lad ever. Your accent is the key I think. AlsAlso your personality, you're so... Everything I wish I was." I told him honestly.

     "There's nothing wrong with you. I actually think I l-" 

     "Niall man, come on. Zayn is getting mad." Harry interrupted us. 

     "Alright. Good night beautiful, have sweet dreams." He kissed me on the cheek. Harry winked, I just noticed he was without a shirt. He walked off with Niall but I caught Niall catch one more glance at me around the corner. I went over to mine and Trinity's place. I walked in.

     "Hey!" I greeted my best friend in the whole wide world.

     "Heyo!" She greeted back. She already was in PJs. I grabbed mine and went into the bathroom. In the mirror I was able to see old and new cuts on my hips, waist, stomach and thighs. I sighed but ignored them. I slipped on my basketball shorts and my black spaghetti strap. I brushed my hair and pulled it io a high ponytail. It was too cold so I decided to put on my black sweatpants. I was looking for a sweatshirt but in forgot it. I walked out of the bathroom.

     "Hey Trin. Can I borrow a sweatshirt?" I fully walked out to see Harry and Niall standing in our room.

     "I have one you can borrow. Its Derby." Niall offered.

     "Alright, cool. Thank you." YAS! I was thinking in my head.

     Niall winked. "Hey were are having a movie night and Trinity is coming. Wanna join me?" 

     "Yeah for sure!" I slipped on my TOMs and when they weren't looking I out on a tad or lip gloss and mascara. We all went out and walked to their hotel room. We walked in. Niall went into a seperate room and came out with a green Ireland flag sweatshirt on and handed me a big ball of wool. "Thank you."

     "Yeah. We are twinsies." Everybody laughed. "What movie does everybody want to watch? Bill flipped through the movies on the screen. Everybody shouted " SCREAM!!" I didn't though. 

     Niall notices this. "Is it okay with you?" He asked me.

     "Yup." I lied. Trinity never has liked scarey movies but she voted yes... Weird. 

     Niall raised his eyebrows. We all sat down on the couch. Niall was on the side. I sat next to him and he wrapped his arm around me. Zayn on the other side and grabbed my hand. Liam on Zayns other side. Louis was in between Liam and Harry and of course Trinity was with Harry. 


All through out the movie I hid in Nialls arm and under the blanket. After the movie I got up and starting taking off Niall's sweatshirt. "It's okay love. I want you to keep it."

     "Thank you!!" I gave him a hug and yawned. 

     "You're welcome. It looks like it's time for you to get to bed. Yeah?" I nodded and gave him a hug and everybody else and I walked out. I went to my room and fell asleep right away. Trinity later same in and did the same. 


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