I Just Want It To Be You & I Forever

Jamie and Trinity are just your everyday best friends that never kept secrets. What happens when Trinity has a huge secret and when Jamie finds out it changes everything? There friendship and lifes. Read to find out


10. 10

I woke up but we were still in the air. I felt Niall move a bit and I looked up at him. He was about to wake up. I smiled and softly lifted my head and sat up straight. He mumbled something I could not understand. In a few minutes he started blinking.

"Hey Nialler." I said

"Hey beautiful." Niall said in return. I blushed. "How are you even cuter when you blush?" He asked looking at me smiling.

"How are you such a flirt when you just woke up?" I asked back and we laughed. "Thanks. You're really cute, not ugly at all." I told him honestly.

"Thanks." He smiled. "Do you think that it's possible to fall for somebody you just met?" He asked after a few moments of silence.

I had a small hope in me that he was talking about me but I seriously doubted it. He could have any girl he wanted. I answered the best way possible. "People can fall of each other as soon as they first see each other. If you really love the person then it will last but if you don't, it was not meant to be. You can't find true love without trying first." I said.

Niall thought then a smile crept over his adorable face. "Thanks, that helped a lot." He said.

"Anytime." I smiled.

"We will be landing in 2 minutes." The pilot informed everybody. "Please sit down and have your seat belts on." They continued.

I smiled. "Why are you smiling?" Niall asked me.

"I just am happy I have this opportunity to meet you and do this." I claimed happily.

"I'm happy you are here too." He said. We felt the plane land.

"We have landed." The pilot informed us.

We both unbuckled and got up. "So it's 7:48 p.m right now here so when we get back to the hotel, after eating a bit and just hanging out, it will be perfect for bed." Niall said.

"Alright! Sounds great!" I said.

We grabbed our stuff and loading it into the massive bus then climbed in. Zayn still was looking like he was deep thought. I wanted to see what's up but he doesn't want to talk to me but I have to. "Hey Zayn." I said. "Be back soon." I told Niall really low.

"Will you follow me?" He asked.

"Yeah." I said and we started walking. We went into the bunk room where there was 5 bunk beds. He walked to the farthest one and sat down and I joined him.

"I don't kn-" his voice cracked and he broke down into tears. Hearing somebody's voice crack like that and cry is the worst sound anybody can hear. He cried so much and he was shaking.

I started rubbing his back. "Zayn..." I said lost for words. "It's going to be okay." I told him.

"N-no it's not. I don't want to do this anymore." He cried.

My heart was already broken hearing him cry like this but when he said that my heart shattered. "Zayn... Promise me you won't ever do anything stupid. Never ever do anything that will hurt you." I begged.

"I-I promise." He kept crying.

"Is there any way I could help?" I asked him sincerely.

"Promise me you will not be sad or be mad at me if Simon agrees to my plan." He said.

"What is your plan?" I asked.

"It doesn't matter right now. Just promise." He said

"I promise." I said. He kept crying and crying. His head was on my shoulder. "How about you go to sleep?" I asked.

He nodded his head. He got up to take his shirt off and went to the bed that said "Zayn" with spray paint art, pictures of him and Perrie and family. He went up the ladder and laid on top of the blankets on his side. "Thank you." He said after a few minutes, he sounded sleepy and he calmed down.

"Anytime. You're absolutely amazing, or as your fans say "amaZayn"" He chuckled. "Good night." I said. I climbed on his bed and gave him a huge hug.

"Good night." Zayn said he smiled but it didn't reach his eyes. I smiled back. I turned the light off and left.

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