Reason For Living

If one finds that life has no more to offer, is he obligated to carry on? If one feels that he is undeserving of life, must he be forced to finish it? And what if he believes that the world would be better off without his existence; should he be forbidden to desire the release of death? Many a person has wondered such things, most not able to draw a conclusion. In fact, Frisk had been tormented by those very questions, her being of the majority, without a glimmer of an answer. Though one day when her deepest fears became reality, she found herself face to face with them once again. But this time, she couldn't put off her response. She found no reason for living, so was she required to continue her futile life? The time had come, where she would finally have to make her decision. However, whether her choice was wise or foolish, that judgement is left to others. Her friends, her enemies, and you. (Entry for "Press Start to Join: A Gaming Writing Competition")
(Revised as of 4/3/17)


6. Your Best Friend

So this is it. 

This is how it ends. 



You think you're so clever, don't you? 

You got your triumphant death. 

You must feel so proud, 

Leaving your child motherless 

And in the care of that IDIOT. 

How selfish can you get? 

You thought you were doing everyone a favor, 

At least, that's what you made it seem like. 

You just couldn't take it anymore, could you?

The guilt was just too much. 

You thought that if you died you would be free of shame. 

But you forgot about one little thing.

Little old me. 

You thought I was gone, didn't you? 


You can't get rid of me!

Even when you think you've killed me,

I always come back! 

Death can't hold me.

You of all people should know that.  

So, here we are, 

Two killers at the edge of the world. 

. . . 

But... I have to ask... 

Why ARE you here? 

You remember in the Underground, 

I know you do. 

You're filled with DETERMINATION. 

You don't have to stay here. 

You can start over, go back to the beginning. 

Change the past, YOUR past. 

Make your life better than this. 

Prevent that cowardly death. 

Yet here you are, 

Still in this void you think of as death. 

Is it because you think you're undeserving of life? 

Or that the world would be better off without you? 

Well, if THAT'S the case, 

That's not humility at all, as you tried to make it seem. 

It's PRIDE. 

You just wanted to go out with a bang,

To be remembered as the hero you never were,

The hero you can never be.

Man, what a freak! 

You really ARE a coward! 

. . . 

Or, is it... 

Is it your child? 

Ha! That IS it, isn't it? 

If you change the past, your kid might never be born. 

Aw, how CHARMING. 

Reminds me of my mother. 

You know... 


But what about all those other people? 

The ones who DIED because of you. 

If you changed your past actions, they would live. 

Every citizen in your measly little town. 

Even...your husband. 

Edmund, was it? 

How was it you put it? 

Your "very reason for living?" 

That's so ADORABLE! 

And sickening! 

You remember, his death is upon YOUR shoulders, 

Including the deaths of perhaps hundreds.  

Huh, you're at quite an impasse, aren't you? 

Either save the lives of countless people

Including that of your husband, 

Or risk the existence of your own child. 

Man, I'm sure glad I'm not you right now. 

I don't know what I would do in your situation. 

Well, you get nice and cozy down here

Because you'll be here a while. 

However, I will not. 

I'll just leave you to your decision.  

So long, fellow scum of the earth. 

And good luck. 

Because you're going to need it. 

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