Witches: Mediums is the first book
Its about a girl finding out who she is and what she is. And then meets extraordinary people. And others of different powers. Between a war of powerful witches. Will she survive the war.


1. Grasping a whole new world

In history the year of sixteen forties. There has always been a war. But in this war no one is human but magical. Witches are known a lot to the human world. For a while a war of witches has been happening. Humans found out about witches and slayed all the witches they can find possible.

It is to be told by the humans history that witches are evil. But that was in the past. And now this is the present in the year of two thousand and sixteen.

"I wonder how they are now? so everyone says.

One day in a normal town named Ferkinsvern. A normal girl named Anaxinamun. Named after a Egypt princess. Turning sixteen today finally for the first time. The whole day has been weird to Anaxinamun. Weird things have been happening to her. Like a weird old hag said to her in the morning on her way to school. The lady grabs her.

"Oh my dear you posses great power the old hag said breaking away from her grasp and then leaving.

To Anaxinamun that was weird and crazy she thought. Anaxinamun did not understand what the old hag meant by that so Anaxinamun ignored her. After going to her classes in Ferkin High s=School. She noticed a creepy person following her all day and also another person she saw school ended and so did the day so Anaxinamun hurried home she ran scared.

She finally got home and in to the house she went in. She finds a note saying that her parents went to vacation for a while. 

"Great they left me behind they always do this to me said Anaxinamun.

 So as it was bright, turned dark quickly. And then it was night. Anaxinamun went to sleep. As she laid she heard footsteps and so she ignored it. And then they became louder. Anaxinamun terrified. Who is that? thought Anaxinamun.

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