The Odds Aren't In My Favor

Feather Amaris Albany was on her own. Her parents had married when they were in their teens, but a year after they had Feather, her father died in The Hunger Games. When she was twelve, her mother died, leaving her alone and on her own. She had to take care of herself. She traded, she hunted and she learned to fight...Especially since she had to stay alive and no one was there for her. But, after the first few months, someone helped her and that someone was Finnick O'Dair. He had helped her out by paying her to do things around the house for him and he had given her things that she needed. Now, she's seventeen and facing the next greatest danger in her life...The Hunger Games. She wishes that it was a nightmare, she hopes that it's all a dream, but sadly it's a reality that she has to live with. Now she must fight to the death and stay alive, and with Finnick as a mentor, she's sure that she can do it! Feelings start to get in the way, and she fights for her life, but what'll happen?


14. With Death Comes Reflection

The next day, we prepared to impress the gamemakers.
Tomorrow, we would be in the arena and today, our scores would show either how strong or weak we were...
I was still deciding what I would be doing, then I finally decided on the daggers.
As we all waited in the silver looking room to be tested, I waited for Caleb to get through so I could start.
My heart beat was racing and I was trying to control my breathing, but the feeling I had in my stomach was telling me that I was about to do something big...
"Feather Albany, District Four." The woman said through the speakers.
Everyone looked at me as I disappeared through the doors.
When I arrived in the weapon room, everyone's attention turned to me.
I walked over to the daggers,  then turned to face them.
"Feather Albany, District Four." I said as I was told to do when I was about to start.
Then I turned towards the dummy.
Head, heart, neck.
I aimed and fired each one, hitting the exact bullseye.
When I turned around, a man with white hair stood up.
"Young lady, I don't mean to offend you, but I think that you just got lucky with your shots." He says.
I did my best to control it as I spoke.
"No disrepect sir, but all of my shots through-out the week have hit bullseye." I say.
The head gamemaker watched the man and I as we went back and forth.
"I would like to see you get one of those daggers as close to my head as you can." The man says.
"Sir, are you asking me to aim as close to your head as I can? Do you have a death wish?" I ask.
"Yes I am. And no, I don't." He says.
The head gamemaker seemed very curious as to how this was going play out.
The man with white hair smirked at me.
"She's too afraid to do it." He says laughing and turning to look at the others.
I glare and throw the dagger.
As it flies by his head, I see some of his hair get cut off by the sharp blade.
The man and the gamemaker look at me with huge wide eyes.
"I'm not afraid, I just don't think that killing you would be in my favor." I say smirking,
I curtsy and then walk out of the room, without their permission.
Later that evening, Mags was kindly scared about how my score would turn out because of my outburst.
Caleb laughed, and Finnick was if-y about it too.
So, as we piled around the TV that night they annouced the scores....Boy's first.
As we watched both of the men talk about scores, Caleb's face popped up.
They said his name and then his score, then my face popped up.
"Feather Albany, with a score of..." The mans eyes widened and he looked into the TV screen. "Twelve."
My jaw dropped and Finnick's eyes widened.
Mags hugged me and Caleb frowned because of the score. "No one has ever gotten a score that high."
As I laid in bed that night, I thought about everything...Life, death, everything.
Looking back at everything, I think about what I could've done better and what I probably should've done.
It was then that I realized that with death comes reflection...Reflection of ones life and such.
I thought about how I was younger and then about my older years.
As I laid tehre in bed staring at the ceiling, I thought of Finnick.
If I were to die in the games, part of him would die too...Even though we weren't together...
But I would get to see my parents again.
The thought of meeting my father seemed quite inviting and for a second, I wasn't scared of death.
I was at peace and I was calm...Then I seen Finnick's face in my mind and my heart started racing.
Tonight was the last night of my peaceful life...Tomorrow, there would be heck everywhere.

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