The Odds Aren't In My Favor

Feather Amaris Albany was on her own. Her parents had married when they were in their teens, but a year after they had Feather, her father died in The Hunger Games. When she was twelve, her mother died, leaving her alone and on her own. She had to take care of herself. She traded, she hunted and she learned to fight...Especially since she had to stay alive and no one was there for her. But, after the first few months, someone helped her and that someone was Finnick O'Dair. He had helped her out by paying her to do things around the house for him and he had given her things that she needed. Now, she's seventeen and facing the next greatest danger in her life...The Hunger Games. She wishes that it was a nightmare, she hopes that it's all a dream, but sadly it's a reality that she has to live with. Now she must fight to the death and stay alive, and with Finnick as a mentor, she's sure that she can do it! Feelings start to get in the way, and she fights for her life, but what'll happen?


12. Stargazing

The next night, the stars are out and I sneak away to the rooftop to gaze at them.
I'd learned that the windows in our room/house were very decieving...
The other day, I looked out and seen sunshine, but when I went to sneak away onto the rooftop, it was pouring rain.
So, as I sat on the rooftop, I was happy that the windows hadn't dicieved me today.
The stars were twinkling and it was so peaceful.
As I gazed out at the beautiful stars, I felt someone watching me.
I didn't turn around, I paid no attention to his presence, but I knew who it was.
So as he sits down next to me, his blue eyes and black hair confirm my thoughts.
"It's a wonderful night, isn't it?" Tanner says and I smile.
"Yes, it is." I say.
"Sneaking away, are you?" He says smirking.
"Well...Kind of." I say. "I can't sta cooped up in that room any longer. I need air."
He chuckles and I look up at the sky.
"So..." I say. "Do you have any siblings?"
"Yeah..." He says smiling, looking down.
I look at him. "How many?"
"One." He says. "My little brother, Hunter."
"Oh." I say.
He smiles, meeting my eyes. "Hunter's name was called at the reaping, I volunteered in his place."
My smile fades. "How old is your brother?"
"Thirteen." He says. "Smart as a whip too! He's always kind and generous, never lies! He knows better of course."
"Is your mom and dad---"
"They're both dead." He says.
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have---"
"No, you're fine. You didn't know." He says smiling at me.
Then he looks out at the stars.
"There was a bombing, my parents were actually in the building that was bombed at the time, they were just at the doors, starting to come out. Their faces," He says looking down and shaking his head. "They were terrified! I wanted so badly to pull them out and run as fast as I could, but Hunter and I watched as they had just started through the doors, trying to get to us...The bomb hit and the whole place blew up. Several people lost their lives."
I looked down. "I'm sorry."
He looksup at the stars. "It's ok, I know their watching over us both.... What about you?"
"My parents married when they were teenagers...A year after I was born, my father died in the games. When I was twelve, my mom died and therefore, I was left on my own. Finnick actually helped me out a little." I say.
He nods. "Finnick is a good guy."
I look at him confused. "How do you know?"
"He thinks of others before himself and he's always helping people out." Tanner says. "He actually took Hunter in when I had to make money for us to survive."
"I didn't know that..." I say looking down.
He smiles. "Finnick isn't a bad person, he's actually a lot nicer than some people think."
I nod.
As we continue to gaze at the stars, I then realize something.
"I hope you get home to your brother." I say smiling.
"I will." He says smiling.
He then leans over to whisper in my ear. "I'm actually gonna trick everyone."
I frown, confused.
Trick everyone? As in, make them get on his side and then he just kills them off?
Or something else?
I highly doubted that Tanner would do such a thing, but you never knew...

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