The Odds Aren't In My Favor

Feather Amaris Albany was on her own. Her parents had married when they were in their teens, but a year after they had Feather, her father died in The Hunger Games. When she was twelve, her mother died, leaving her alone and on her own. She had to take care of herself. She traded, she hunted and she learned to fight...Especially since she had to stay alive and no one was there for her. But, after the first few months, someone helped her and that someone was Finnick O'Dair. He had helped her out by paying her to do things around the house for him and he had given her things that she needed. Now, she's seventeen and facing the next greatest danger in her life...The Hunger Games. She wishes that it was a nightmare, she hopes that it's all a dream, but sadly it's a reality that she has to live with. Now she must fight to the death and stay alive, and with Finnick as a mentor, she's sure that she can do it! Feelings start to get in the way, and she fights for her life, but what'll happen?


29. Heading Home

The train was silent as I sat, snuggled on the couch reading a book.
I was excited about returning home, but I just needed to get my mind off of it before I got too excited.
As I turned the page, Finnick walked into the car where I was.
He came over and leaned over to kiss me gently, the he sat beside me and pulled me to him.
"Hello love."
"Hello." I reply, still reading, smiling.
"What are you doing?" He asks.
"Reading." I laugh a little.
Wasn't it obvious what I was doing?
He smiled. "We're almost there you know."
I put the book down. "Dang you Finnick O'Diar, that's why I'm reading. I'm trying not to get too excited." I say.
He chuckles. "I'm sorry babe. I didn't know!"
I sigh. "Gosh."
He laughs and I turn, climbing on top of him.
Smiling, he watches my actions.
"So, how quick did you say you wanted this wedding?" I ask smiling.
"This upcoming week." He says smiling.
I laugh. "Finnick, come on."
"I'm not kidding!" He says smiling. "Are you scared?"
"No, I just don't know how we're going to pull a wedding together that quick." I say.
"Trust me, we can do it." He says leaning up to peckmy lips.
I smile down at him and peck his back.
The train suddenly slowed to a stop and I got off of him. "We're here!"
I started prancing around happily and Mags walked in smiling.
The doors opened and everyone starting clapping and shouting.
I smiled and watched as Adeline ran straight into my arms.
"You're back!!!!" She says.
"Yes Adeline, I'm back." I say happier than ever.
I was home. I was away from that arena that still haunted my dreams. I was away from the Capitol. I was home.
She clung to me and we walked to the town square where they were throwing a party for me.
I was pretty excited and thankful for everyone.
I was glad that I was here and I never wanted to go through what I went through again.
I didn't want anyone to!
We laughed and danced and had a blast together, and I realized how much they had truly missed me.
I was happy, completely happy!
And even though the odd weren't in my favor, they seemed to be as of right now.
I leaned up to kiss Finnick as I watched Adeline dance along with the others.
It was a day I'd remember for as long as I lived....And I wouldn't trade it for anything.......

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