The Odds Aren't In My Favor

Feather Amaris Albany was on her own. Her parents had married when they were in their teens, but a year after they had Feather, her father died in The Hunger Games. When she was twelve, her mother died, leaving her alone and on her own. She had to take care of herself. She traded, she hunted and she learned to fight...Especially since she had to stay alive and no one was there for her. But, after the first few months, someone helped her and that someone was Finnick O'Dair. He had helped her out by paying her to do things around the house for him and he had given her things that she needed. Now, she's seventeen and facing the next greatest danger in her life...The Hunger Games. She wishes that it was a nightmare, she hopes that it's all a dream, but sadly it's a reality that she has to live with. Now she must fight to the death and stay alive, and with Finnick as a mentor, she's sure that she can do it! Feelings start to get in the way, and she fights for her life, but what'll happen?


24. Final Five Finale

The next morning, I woke up early and got out of my water hammock.
I needed to walk around for a bit because I was slightly stiff, so I did.
No cannons had awoken me last night and neither had anything else.
So, when I had stretched and walked a good ways, I went back to try to get some more sleep in my hammock, but when I pressed the button, the hammock never came.
I got down on my knees, and leaned my face towards the water looking closely.
Not being able to see anything, I noticed how the water was super still.
I gently touchedit only to yelp and jerk my hand back.
The water had burned mem it had to be acidic.
I frowned and bit my tongue to keep from unleashing the anger and words that were crossing my mine ever so strongly as of right now.
Standing up quickly, I knew that I had blown my cover and started to run in random directions.
This wasn't good and I knew that I no longer had a hiding place.
Five of us were looming these woods and only one of us would get out of here alive.
I moved with caution, fearful to be injured or killed by someone.
I had made it this far and I didn't want anything to happen now.
Then, I noticed something else that was off.
There in front of me was an animal that I'd never seen before....
It looked like a wolf but stood on two legs.
Its eyes were a dark amber and fear coursed through my veins.
You had to be kidding me.
 had daggers on me, but I didn't want to make any rash decisons.
The thing growled at me and I began to back up.
I knew that it was only seconds before I died and so I took off running through the forest at lightning speed,
The thing was right behind me, on my tail and my heart was beating out of my chest.
I felt like I was going to die just from running.
Next thing I know, another tribute appears beside me, a creature behind her with eyes the color or blue.
She was running almost as fast as me, but her slow pace made her an easy catch for the creature.
She was attacked and a cannon went off as I continued to run, I knew that it had to be the girls.
Ahead of me, I saw another female tribute trying to fight the thing off.
She pierced it in the chest with an arrow that she held in her hands and I started running in zig-zags.
As I passed her, I seen the creature fall on top of her, lifeless as of now.
Before I knew it, they were in different places, spaced out, but everywhere.
My breathing was hard, my heart rate was wild and I was afraid of what the outcome might be for this particular event.
As I raced on, howls escaped their mouths and then they were gone. They disappeared like smoke in the wind.
I looked around as I slowed to a stop.
Four remained...Four tributes.
I tried catching my breath only for it to be taken again when I gasped as a streak of fire shot past me.
Not only were streaks being sent in different directions, but fireballs were flying everywhere too!
I quickly moved, falling to the ground as a fireball tried to take me out.
Another cannon went off.
Three. Now their were only three of us.
Getting up, I started running, wishing for something to give---Anything just to stop this nightmare.
Suddenly a knife grazed my forehead and I stumbled backwards, hissing in pain.
Blood started coming from the wound and I recovered, only to fall to the ground yelping in pain this time.
I had been hit on my left arm and side by a streak of fire.
The pain surged through my body and I froze as I laid still, on the ground.
It wasn't over, not yet. Their were still three of us alive and we had a battle on our hands now...More or less a bloodbath!

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