The Odds Aren't In My Favor

Feather Amaris Albany was on her own. Her parents had married when they were in their teens, but a year after they had Feather, her father died in The Hunger Games. When she was twelve, her mother died, leaving her alone and on her own. She had to take care of herself. She traded, she hunted and she learned to fight...Especially since she had to stay alive and no one was there for her. But, after the first few months, someone helped her and that someone was Finnick O'Dair. He had helped her out by paying her to do things around the house for him and he had given her things that she needed. Now, she's seventeen and facing the next greatest danger in her life...The Hunger Games. She wishes that it was a nightmare, she hopes that it's all a dream, but sadly it's a reality that she has to live with. Now she must fight to the death and stay alive, and with Finnick as a mentor, she's sure that she can do it! Feelings start to get in the way, and she fights for her life, but what'll happen?


8. Dinner

As I stepped off of the elevator, I noticed that Finnick and Mags were playing a card game, but Caleb was nowhere in the room.
"Feather, how did training go?" Finnick asks looking up at me smiling.
"Good. How's the game going?" I ask.
"She's beating me." He says smiling.
Mags' smile grew even wider as she looked at me, and she patted the seat next to her.
I walked over and sat down next to her and watched the two of them play.
"Did Caleb get in early?" I ask.
"He wasn't with you?" Finnick asks looking up at me.
"No." I say.
He frowns. "I hope he's not upto anything..."
I shrug and watch them continue to play.
Mags was definitely winning and by the end of the game, she'd beat Finnick badly.
She was smiling and then we all started to play, but Caleb had yet to show.
Afterwards, when Mags won again, I noticed the time and wondered why Caleb hadn't shown.
But I wasn't the only one wondering, Finnick was beginning to get on edge.
"He should have been back by now, it's almost supper time." He said.
Mags looked at me and then at Finnick.
"Could he be at the training range still?" I ask.
"That's a possibility, but why would he have stayed so long?" Finnick says, questioning.
I honestly had no clue as to what was going on with Caleb, but I had a feeling that that 'something' wasn't a very good something.
Dinner was finally served, but we were all on edge.
As we sat down at the table to eat, I noticed that Finnick was worried.
"Would you like for me to go down to the training range?" I ask.
Finnick looked up at me, thinking about it.
"Maybe I should go with you..." He says.
I get up and Mags stays where she is.
Finnick and I get into the elevator and quickly arrive at the training range.
We look around, but no ones there.
The lights are on, it's deadly silent...But as far as we can tell, no one's here.
"Where the heck did he go?" Finnick asks agitated.
Looking around, I suddenly feel a presence...Someone was here.
But as I turned around, a knife blade flew past the side of my head and I gasped.
Finnick seen what happened and looked around, it was only then that I spied Caleb, sho was smirking to himself.
Finnick was angry, I could see it in his eyes. "Caleb, get over here right now!"
Caleb walked over slowly, still smirking.
"Are you seriously trying to kill someone before the games? Do you know what they'll do to you for that?!" Finnick says.
Caleb shrugs. "I wasn't gonna hit her, just wanted to scare her."
Finnick glares. "After training each day you are to go straight back to the room, understood?!"
Caleb rolls his eyes nodding.
Finnick grabs him by his shirt pulling him roughly into the elevator, I quickly follow behind.
As we head up the stairs and back over to the dinner table, I can see that Finnicks eyes still rage with fury...Apparently Mags notices too, because she looks over at me with wide eyes.
I kind of tilt my head in Caleb's direction and she then nods.
We eat dinner and then chat for a short while, although Caleb goes to bed early.
Finnick looks at me as we're left alone.
Mags decided to rest and I was still wide awake.
"Tomorrow, after you're done training with the other tributes, I'll take you back down and train you." He says.
I smile. "Thank you Finnick."
He smiles at me. "It's no problem."
"I really do owe you alot." I say.
"Just stay alive and you won't owe me nothing more." He says.
I smile looking down at the table as I take drink of my water.
I look around at the nightshift avoxes.
I felt bad for them.
It was a rule that they had to stand in their designated spot and keep their eyes closed...Not moving or anything.
They only opened their eyes every few minutes, or unless spoken too...I would hate to be one of them.
It was a rough life they lived...Having to please everyone and keep up with everything--I couldn't do it!
As Finnick's eyes met mine and we stared at each other for the longest time, I realized that something was up...Something was different.
It's like for a second, I seen a spark in his eyes as they hazed into mine...Something was changing.
Then, abruptly, I stood up.
"I better get some rest, I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow." I say.
"Yeah, same here." He said standing up.
"Good night, Finnick." I said.
"Good night, Feather." He said smiling and I turned to head to my room.

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