Sanity at worst, Insanity at best...

Yuki is a girl who is insane but keeps it all in. Well,that drives her crazy and once Every one finds out she kinda goes on a ranpage. This causes her to have to hide to stay alive. But once the cop's find her,the crazy happen's. Which led's her to wonderland. But will the insanity get the best of her? You'll see...


3. Chapter 3.

  *next day at school. Who even cares about life. "Hey! Uh,Yuki! Yes,how are you! I saw you leave school yesterday." "Waht do you want!" I said holding up a fist. "Yeesh! Sorry!" I grabed the random girl and took her with me. I took her to a dark hall and killed her. "Yeesh! How rude of you!" I felt like a insane person like harley quin. Then some person came down the hall and saw me with her corpse. "Oopsie! You saw some thing you should not have!" I ran after him and killed him. I didn't even care about the blood all over me.There gonna stay. I walked down the hall when a  teacher saw the blood on me. "Were in the world did that blood come from!" "Some will be your's." *SLIT* "Wow...What am I doing?" "AHHHHH!" "Oopsie..." "Cop's! We need cop's!" "Well then." *Later.* "You're under arrest!" "Wait!" Right when I said that I swang my arm which made the cop's...Blow up! "What?!" Soon every one was doing the same. And I heard a tarribal screaching noise. My vesion was getting blurry and dark. The world around me was swishing. What is going on! 


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