Sanity at worst, Insanity at best...

Yuki is a girl who is insane but keeps it all in. Well,that drives her crazy and once Every one finds out she kinda goes on a ranpage. This causes her to have to hide to stay alive. But once the cop's find her,the crazy happen's. Which led's her to wonderland. But will the insanity get the best of her? You'll see...


1. Chapter 1.

3rd person

Okay were do we begin! Ahh, Before Yuki snaped! Of corse. It was another school day for yuki to hate. If she didn't have to sterane from being her self,she would find it 'okay'.But today little did she know today would be the 2nd to last day of dreding school. Why? Well,just read on and you'll find out not in to long! Good luck! You'll need it! 

Yuki's p.o.v.

Ugh another horribal day! God why must I go through this. I hate it! HATE IT! I couldn't deal with the insanity this torture did to me. I stood up and left the room ignoring the teacher. I went to the bath room to try to calm down. I do this when I start to feel insane. But today it was not working. I started to panic. What do I do! I can't calm down I feel...I feel...INSANE! I walked out of the bath room with my eye's cold and dead. I have to end this torture...NOW.


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